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8 Simple Rules For Easy Effective Weight Loss

In this article we will explain 8 simple and effective rules to speed up any weight loss journey safely and easily, it is important to note however, that the weight loss tactics outlined in these strategies will not necessarily be the best choice for everybody, because every body is different and needs a different program tailored to their needs and situations.

Therefore, it is important to consult a dietitian to help get a better understanding of your exact weight loss needs before jumping into any of the strategies in the list below.

8 Simple Rules For Easy Effective Weight Loss

1. Eat Less Calories Than You Burn From Exercise – Calories in vs. calories out, this is the most important rule when looking to lose weight. The more you restrict yourself physically the more you will restrict your body in the long run, which is exactly the opposite to what you want to do.

The healthiest way to lose weight is to eat less than what you burn, and get the most energy from the foods you do take. When trying to lose weight the most important strategy is to start off slowly and build yourself up over time, which means not limiting yourself physically as you would with restrictive diets.

2. Eat Well Balanced, Natural Food, All The Time – but limit it to only two or three meals a day. Eat throughout the day and limit your first meal of the day to around 9:00 – 10:00 am, eat a light snack between 12:00 – 1:00 pm, and a medium snack between 1:00 – 2:00 pm.

Just about every other meal of the day you should have food at this point. If you have trouble getting this schedule off the ground get help. Getting the type of regular cycle you need can be more challenging than you think, but it is possible.

3. Go Low Carbohydrate with Low Glycemic Index – This strategy is to limit carbohydrate intake to only the type that is broken down into glucose and glycogen.

Just like the first rule, this strategy is going to limit your energy for certain types of foods, but it is very important. There is no avoiding it as this strategy is what your body relies on the most for energy, so it should be combined with the rule above, it is the most important.

When you do this you should have no problem with your fatigue, your concentration or your mood, and it is definitely the most natural way to lose weight, just try it for a few weeks and see. This strategy is what is called a low glycemic index carbohydrate plan.

4. Eat More Fish and Meat – but limit fat with less meat – Just like rule #3, this one is to limit the amount of carbohydrate that you consume. It also does the same thing with the carbohydrate you do eat, it reduces it amount.

Eating protein, meat and fish is important to your survival, but eating too much fat is not healthy. To avoid getting fatty, just eat less fat. Eating meat such as fish is important to maintaining a healthy immune system as well.

Protein in fish is made up of amino acids that aid in protein metabolism. The metabolism of protein is critical for a body to digest it and release it for use. Fish also contain anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids which are essential for the proper functioning of your cardiovascular system and it helps in healthy brain function.

5. Low Glycemic Index Eating – You want to minimize your sugar intake, this is very important. This one rule alone has a positive effect on your life and health. Take a look at the amount of sugar foods you eat on a daily basis and tell me if you like it.

You should try to eat more fruits, vegetables, nuts, whole grains, berries, etc. It is easy to eat too much sugar as it is in prepared foods. By eating less of this type of sugar, you will be eating less overall.

6. Eat More Fiber – This is a simple one. Not only does this rule increase your energy, it also has an excellent effect on the digestive system and the body. Your intestines will function more efficiently, your colon will have the necessary water and the body will release toxins more effectively.

Toxins have a negative effect on your health. Eating more fiber will help in this matter. Eating lots of nuts, beans, whole grains and fruits will help this one too.

7. Eat More Omega 3 Fatty Acids – You need this one for a healthier life. There is a problem with the population today, most people eat too much of this fat. This is a very good one, but be careful.

This fatty acid has a very negative effect on your health, it increases inflammation in your body, reduces the anti-inflammatory levels, it causes brain aging, it also increases the risk of diabetes and it can also damage your heart.

8. Get Quality Sleep – This is a simple one. It does not make any sense to sleep less than six hours. You should try to sleep at least seven. Better sleep equals better performance so make regular, quality sleep a priority.

This one rule will also improve your health. More sleep will increase the amount of quality sleep you have, it will also help you to have more alertness. Also, when you sleep more, your body releases hormones which reduce stress and it will also improve your immune system.

By following these 8 simple, fast and easy weight loss rules, you can ensure a healthier life, a much lower risk of diabetes, less risk of cancer, and a much lower risk of heart disease. You will also be living a more fulfilling life because of your higher energy levels.

So start following these 8 rules of weight loss now, and you will soon be experiencing the benefits in your own life.

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