Collins Aerospace Introduces Arcus™: A Revolutionary Hybrid Image Generation System for Training and Simulation

Collins Aerospace Introduces Arcusx2122 A Revolutionary Hybrid Image Generation System for Training and Simulation

The new image generator combines advanced rendering technology with gaming tools to offer immersive and adaptable aircrew training experiences.

Collins Aerospace, a leading provider of integrated solutions for the aerospace and defense industry, has unveiled its latest innovation in training and simulation technology. The company’s new image generator, Arcus™, merges Collins’ cutting-edge rendering and processing tools with gaming engine developer Epic Games’ Unreal Engine technology. This groundbreaking hybrid system promises to deliver realistic and modular aircrew training experiences across various platforms, revolutionizing the way training is conducted in the aviation industry.

A Leap Forward in Realism and Adaptability:

Arcus™ sets itself apart with its flexible, open systems architecture, enabling the creation of complex synthetic training environments for multiple aircraft types, including fast jets, air transport, mission, rotary wing, and commercial aircraft. By leveraging the power of Collins’ advanced visuals and Epic Games’ adaptable gaming technology, the image generator offers high-fidelity visual realism that is essential for effective simulation training.

Sharon Tabori, senior director and general manager of Simulation and Training Solutions for Collins Aerospace, emphasized the importance of visual realism in simulation training. She stated, “Our new hybrid image generator brings improved graphic capabilities to offer flight simulation experiences that are as efficient as they are realistic.” With Arcus™, trainees can expect a seamless and immersive training experience that closely mirrors real-world scenarios.

Adaptable Training Environments for Enhanced Learning:

One of the key advantages of Arcus™ is its compatibility with a wide range of simulated flight devices. Whether it’s full-flight simulators, flight training devices, or virtual reality (VR) and mixed reality (MR) systems, the image generator can seamlessly integrate with various hardware and software applications. This compatibility not only reduces costs but also provides opportunities for focused training using the same technology across the simulation spectrum.

Collins Aerospace’s commitment to open systems architecture allows customers to easily adapt their training environments and implement new features as their missions and simulation training needs evolve. The combination of advanced visuals and gaming technology ensures that training scenarios can be customized to meet specific training objectives, enhancing the overall effectiveness of the training program.

A Promising Future for Training and Simulation:

The of Arcus™ marks a significant milestone in the field of aircrew training. By harnessing the power of gaming technology and advanced rendering capabilities, Collins Aerospace has created a hybrid image generation system that pushes the boundaries of realism and adaptability. This innovation has the potential to revolutionize the way pilots and aircrew are trained, enabling them to gain valuable experience in a safe and controlled environment.


Collins Aerospace’s Arcus™ image generator represents a major leap forward in the world of training and simulation. Its combination of advanced visuals, open systems architecture, and gaming technology offers a versatile and immersive training experience for aircrew across various platforms. As the aviation industry continues to evolve, the ability to adapt training environments and implement new features will become increasingly crucial. With Arcus™, Collins Aerospace has positioned itself at the forefront of innovation, paving the way for the future of aircrew training.