Gift Ideas That Support Agricultural Education: A Guide to Thoughtful Presents

Gift Ideas That Support Agricultural Education A Guide to Thoughtful Presents

Discover unique gift ideas that not only bring joy but also contribute to agricultural education and awareness.

Finding the perfect gift can be a daunting task, but what if your gift could also support a worthy cause? The American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture offers a range of gift options that not only make great presents but also help increase awareness and understanding of agriculture through education. From books for all ages to interactive card games and the opportunity to make a donation in someone’s honor, these gift ideas are sure to delight while making a positive impact.

Books for Every Interest and Age Group

From pirate adventures to fruit enthusiasts, Feeding Minds Press has a book for almost everyone. “Potatoes for Pirate Pearl” is a delightful read for children in grades K-3, while “I Love Strawberries” is a multiple award-winning book that captivates readers from K-4. For young readers involved in 4-H or FFA, “Barn At Night” offers an engaging glimpse into the world of agriculture. Explore the full range of titles to find the perfect book for your giftee.

Interactive Card Games for Learning

If you’re looking for a more interactive gift or have a recipient who isn’t much of a reader, consider one of the card games offered by the American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture. “Agriculture Fast Match” is a game similar to “Spot It,” where players match ag-related items on their cards while also learning about different plants, animals, careers, and technology used in agriculture. “Check the Barn” is a fantastic game for younger players, helping them learn the names of different farm animals and where they are housed.

Honorary Donations for Agricultural Advocates

For the adult agricultural enthusiasts in your life, consider making an honorarium donation to the American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture. These donations contribute to the creation of free educational resources for volunteers and teachers, making it easier to teach and talk about agriculture. Honorees will receive a personal note informing them of the donation made in their honor, and their names will be listed in the foundation’s annual report. This thoughtful gesture not only supports agricultural education but also recognizes the passion and dedication of the honoree.

Give the Gift of Time Through Volunteering

Sometimes the most meaningful gift is the gift of time. Volunteering to tell the story of agriculture in classrooms can create a memorable and impactful experience for students. If you’re interested in volunteering but unsure where to start, reach out to your state Farm Bureau or Ag in the Classroom coordinator. These organizations often host ag literacy weeks and are always looking for enthusiastic individuals to sign up for volunteer opportunities. By sharing your knowledge and passion for agriculture, you can inspire and educate the next generation.


This holiday season, consider giving a gift that not only brings joy but also supports agricultural education. The American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture offers a range of options, from captivating books to interactive card games and the opportunity to make an honorary donation. By choosing these thoughtful presents, you not only provide enjoyment for your loved ones but also contribute to increasing awareness and understanding of agriculture. Whether through books, games, or volunteering, each gift has the power to make a lasting impact on individuals and communities alike.