Prime Video Now Offers Crunchyroll Anime Service as a Prime Video Channel

Amazon and Crunchyroll Strike Global Distribution Agreement for Anime Streaming

In an exciting development for anime fans, Amazon Prime Video has announced a global distribution agreement with Crunchyroll, the popular anime service. This agreement allows Prime Video subscribers to access Crunchyroll as one of its Prime Video Channels, eliminating the need to switch between multiple entertainment apps. By offering Crunchyroll within the Prime Video app, Amazon aims to provide a more seamless and convenient streaming experience for its users.

Streaming Anime Made Easier:

Crunchyroll’s dedicated app, available on smart TVs and set-top platforms, has often been criticized for its bugs and difficult navigation. With the integration of Crunchyroll into Prime Video, users can now bypass these issues and enjoy a smoother streaming experience. Prime Video Channels also handle all billing, simplifying the subscription process for users. Additionally, subscribers can choose between Crunchyroll’s Fan and Mega Fan subscriptions, both of which offer ad-free streaming and the ability to watch new episodes shortly after their release in Japan. The Fan subscription is priced at $7.99, the same as Crunchyroll’s standalone subscription, and a seven-day free trial is available for new customers.

Global Availability:

Starting today, Prime Video subscribers in the United States can access Crunchyroll as a Prime Video Channel. The service will also be available in Canada, Sweden, and the UK by the end of the week. Amazon plans to expand availability to additional territories throughout 2024. With over 24,000 hours, 46,000 episodes, and more than 1,300 series and films, Crunchyroll claims to have the world’s largest streaming library of anime.

The Growing Popularity of Anime Streaming

Anime has seen a surge in popularity in recent years, with a growing global fanbase. Streaming services like Crunchyroll have played a significant role in making anime more accessible to audiences worldwide. By partnering with Prime Video, Crunchyroll gains access to a broader audience and the opportunity to expand its reach beyond its dedicated app.

The Convenience of Prime Video Channels

Prime Video Channels have become a popular feature among Prime Video subscribers. These optional add-on services offer a wide range of content, including premium channels, niche genres, and specialized programming. By integrating Crunchyroll as a Prime Video Channel, Amazon adds another valuable option to its lineup, catering to the increasing demand for anime content.

The Impact on the Anime Streaming Landscape

The partnership between Amazon and Crunchyroll has the potential to reshape the anime streaming landscape. With Crunchyroll’s extensive library and Prime Video’s vast subscriber base, the collaboration could lead to increased competition among streaming platforms offering anime content. This competition may drive innovation and improvements in the overall anime streaming experience, benefiting fans worldwide.

The Future of Anime Streaming

As the popularity of anime continues to grow, streaming services are increasingly investing in anime content. The partnership between Amazon and Crunchyroll is just one example of the industry’s commitment to meeting the demand for anime programming. With the expansion of streaming services and the availability of anime on various platforms, fans can expect even more choices and a wider range of content in the future.

The integration of Crunchyroll into Amazon Prime Video as a Prime Video Channel marks a significant development for anime fans. By offering a seamless streaming experience and access to Crunchyroll’s extensive library, Amazon aims to cater to the growing demand for anime content. This partnership between two industry giants has the potential to reshape the anime streaming landscape and provide fans with more choices and improved viewing experiences. As the popularity of anime continues to soar, it is an exciting time for both fans and the streaming industry as a whole.