OVER: Revolutionizing 3D Mapping with AR and Blockchain

The blockchain-powered platform OVER is democratizing 3D mapping by incentivizing participation and enabling real-time exploration through augmented reality (AR).

The convergence of the metaverse and augmented reality (AR) is an emerging trend that requires accurate 3D mapping as a foundational element for immersive world exploration. Traditional mapping methods are falling short in keeping up with the rapid advancements of Web3 technologies. However, AR technology offers a promising solution by enhancing mapping accuracy at a lower cost. One project at the forefront of this revolution is OVER, a blockchain-powered platform for the AR metaverse. OVER’s Mapper solution leverages visual position system (VPS) technology to achieve unparalleled accuracy, allowing users to participate in the mapping process and explore remote locations in real time.

OVER’s Mapper Solution: Precise Mapping Driven by Community

OVER’s Mapper solution utilizes visual position system (VPS) technology to achieve up to 20-centimeter accuracy, surpassing traditional GPS systems. This level of precision ensures timely and accurate maps, addressing the issue of outdated and inaccurate mapping. Additionally, OVER enables precise geolocalization for indoor locations, a feat that GPS systems cannot achieve. The Mapper tool provided by OVER allows everyone to participate in the mapping process and get rewarded through a model called Map2EarnTM.

Recently, OVER filed a patent application for a new feature of its Mapper platform, enabling users to explore remote 3D locations that the community has previously mapped in real time. This eliminates the need for expensive LiDAR systems or powerful GPUs for rendering, making exploration accessible through smartphones. OVER’s community has already uploaded approximately 20,000 3D maps of significant locations worldwide, which can be viewed through AI-generated neural radiance field (NeRF) fly-through videos.

Moreover, OVER utilizes blockchain technology, allowing creators to own their maps as non-fungible tokens (NFTs). These NFT maps can be sold or purchased using the native OVER’s OVR token, democratizing access to mapping and incentivizing participation in the process.

Mapping the Whole World in 3D

Despite being less than a year old, the Mapper project by OVER has already achieved impressive results through its active community. However, the project does not stop there. OVER is launching the “Map the World” campaign, aiming to encourage widespread participation in the mapping process. This initiative is expected to be the largest user-generated mapping project ever seen.

Diego Di Tommaso, co-founder, and chief operating officer of OVER, expressed the long-term vision of the platform: to create the largest Web3-based 3D recreation of the world. This vision entails AR-enabled, blockchain-based digital twins of the world, similar to Google Maps, created and owned by their creators. The goal is to provide the public with an incredible opportunity to help create and own a global utility.

The OVER Mapper project is not only about fixing outdated maps but also about democratizing virtual exploration. By combining AR and blockchain technology, OVER offers users an unprecedented level of immersion, allowing them to create new maps and revolutionize their interactions with the world. With the “Map the World” campaign, OVER aims to involve a global community in the mapping process, making it accessible and affordable for everyone. As the metaverse and AR continue to evolve, platforms like OVER are paving the way for a more immersive and democratized future.