Nina Dobrev Shines at CFDA Awards with Era-Bending Makeup Look

Makeup artist Georgi Sandev takes inspiration from the ’80s to create a modern glamour makeup look for Nina Dobrev at the CFDA Awards.

The Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) annual awards held at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City was a star-studded event celebrating the luminaries of the fashion industry. Hosted by Anne Hathaway, the evening highlighted the creative act of fashion and its significance in culture and life. Among the attendees was actress Nina Dobrev, who stunned with her era-bending “modern glamour” makeup look. Makeup artist Georgi Sandev, in collaboration with Pat McGrath and her team, drew inspiration from the ’80s to create a captivating and contemporary beauty aesthetic for Dobrev.

A Contemporary Twist on ’80s Makeup Trends

Sandev reveals that the inspiration for Dobrev’s makeup look came from the way eye makeup and contouring were done in the ’80s. The goal was to create a modern interpretation of the era’s glamour by incorporating a pop of red on the lips, a splash of gold on the eyelids, and a soft color on the cheeks. Instead of opting for jewel tones and pastels, Sandev chose to work with neutral browns, bronze, and gold shades. This approach gave the makeup a contemporary feel while still paying homage to the vibrant and bold looks of the ’80s.

Creating Dimension and Depth

To achieve the desired effect, Sandev used products from Pat McGrath Labs, known for their high-quality and innovative formulas. He dusted Ethereal Bronze on Dobrev’s eyes to add depth and dimension. For the cheeks, he utilized both shades of blush from the MTHRSHIP Bijoux Brilliance Starstruck Splendour Palette. This combination of products created a multi-dimensional effect that enhanced Dobrev’s features and added a touch of radiance to her overall look.

The Playful Element: Candy-Apple Lips

Sandev wanted to infuse a playful element into Dobrev’s makeup look to reflect her vibrant personality. He customized a candy-apple lip color by layering PermaGel Ultra Glide Lip Pencil in Blood Lust with Wild Cherry Lip Fetish Sheer Colour Balm. The result was a striking and luscious lip that perfectly complemented the rest of the makeup. Sandev describes Dobrev as one of the most fun, life-loving, big-hearted, and kind people he has encountered in his career, and her beauty only adds to her overall charm.


Nina Dobrev’s era-bending “modern glamour” makeup look at the CFDA Awards showcased the transformative power of makeup. Drawing inspiration from the ’80s, makeup artist Georgi Sandev created a contemporary twist on classic trends, using neutral browns, bronze, and gold colors to achieve a light-catching effect. The combination of Ethereal Bronze on the eyes, blush from the MTHRSHIP Bijoux Brilliance Starstruck Splendour Palette on the cheeks, and a personalized candy-apple lip created dimension, depth, and a playful element to celebrate Dobrev’s personality. Sandev’s artistry highlighted Dobrev’s stunning beauty and served as a reminder that beauty, like fashion, is a creative act that adds to the dream we all live in.