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Best Ways To Stretch Your Back

I can safely assume that you have or are currently suffering with lower back pain, and that is because over 80 % of our population will deal with low back pain during their lifetime. Now, as a corrective care chiropractor, I work on patients all day on my tables, and my posture is not always ideal and I tend to stoop over very similarly to if you work at a desk or a computer, you drive frequently or you have a manual job Where you’re lifting and twisting that posture, this situation leads to lower back pain and lower back pain can come from both muscle strain and inflammation of the nerves from spinal misalignments, also known as nerve pressure. So when assessing the lower back.

Ideally, you want to see that the spine is straight from front to back and then from the side. There is a c-shaped curve in that at the base. This curve allows proper weight distribution from your torso when you’re sitting or lifting now. If one of these bones shift out of alignment or you’ve lost that curve in your low back, your body weight will push down and compress the pads between the bones. These are called vertebral discs.

Now this compression can lead to inflammation. It can lead to pain in the lower back pain down the leg, cause sciatica pain and affect digestive and reproductive health, so stretching the lower back is very important for me to function well reduce injury. While I work – and the same goes for you. So I want to show you several exercises that I do on a daily basis for this exact purpose. I also take the time to teach my patients these stretches one on one in the clinic now the first exercise is called spinal hydration.

Its an easy and effective way to bring nutrition and hydration to the discs which restores mobility to the spine, reduces inflammation and can alleviate now using an exercise ball, a balance disc, or we call this a wobble cushion in my clinic and I’ll. Show you why, when you sit down you wobble around, so be careful as you get seated now, when you sit on the disc, it’s important, you sit with good posture, sit upright with your shoulders back. There are three moves for spinal hydration. First, is our side to side put your hands on your hips tip to one side, bringing your ear to your shoulder, then tip to the other side, bringing your ear to your other. Shoulder each side counts as one repetition, so the count would go.

1. 2. 3. 4. Next is the front to back you’re going to round your shoulders forward and squeeze then bring your shoulders back and squeeze like this.

1. 2. 3. 4 3rd is the twist cross your arms at shoulder height keeping your head in line with your arms, and you twist from side to side like this 1, 2, 3 and 4. So for each of those moves repeat, for 20 repetitions perform these at the level that feels comfortable to you.

These should not cause pain and if they do take it slowly, don’t push so far and modify as needed start at your level and then build up next. You want to target the muscles in the low back now. This simple stretch works deep into the muscles that attach from the spine to the hips. You’Ll need a low back wedge like this, or you can use a tightly rolled bath. The towel you’ll lie on your back.

Using the wedge or towel as support for the lower curve, placing it just above your hips like that, bring one knee up to your chest and a hole for 30 seconds and then do so with the opposite. Knee then do both knees. At the same time, trying to hold this stretch for another 30 seconds now, if any of these exercises causes you pain or you have to take an anti-inflammatory or pain reliever on a routine basis, then you need to dig deeper into what the cause is of your Back pain now these stretching recommendations are great for short-term relief of low back pain, but if you only mask the pain, you’ll, never heal the root cause and you’ll always find yourself returning to a state of pain after some time. But if you’re like me, your goal is to have no pain, be able to live your life, doing the things that you want to do without pain, stopping you so know that there is hope for correcting and putting an end to back pain. Now the biggest mistake I see people make is where they turn when they’re in pain, medications and surgeries should be a last resort.

I encourage you to seek out the proper testing to find that underlying cause. For me, as a corrective chiropractor, I help people correct and heal their lower back pain on a daily basis. I use a combination of orthopedic range of motion testing, along with specific digital x-ray, to see precisely where the pain is coming from, and this will tell you if maybe you’ve lost that protective curve in your low back. Your discs are being compressed or, if your hips are no longer level and instead sitting at an angle, putting pressure on those nerves, so a thorough evaluation. Proper testing is the best way to find the cause of your low back pain.

Then we can work to eliminate and correct the cause and allow your body to heal itself pain-free

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