Michigan Football Player Blake Corum Denies Business Affiliation with Former Recruiting Analyst

Corum refutes claims of a business partnership with Connor Stalions after images surface on social media.

Michigan football running back Blake Corum has vehemently denied any business affiliation with the team’s former recruiting analyst, Connor Stalions. This comes after images surfaced on social media suggesting that the two had a limited liability company (LLC) together based out of Wyoming. Corum expressed surprise upon hearing about the alleged business relationship and stated that he had no involvement with Stalions or any business venture. He assured reporters that his attorneys were already on the case to resolve the matter and remove his name from any associated documentation.

LLC Registration Raises Questions

Online records reveal the existence of a business named “BC2 Housing,” registered with the Wyoming Secretary of State. The LLC lists three individuals as organizers: Connor Stalions, Blake Corum, and Connor O’Dea. The filing was made on March 28, 2022, and the status of the business is currently listed as “active.” The address linked to the company corresponds to a home that Stalions purchased in Ann Arbor shortly before joining the University of Michigan as a paid employee.

Corum’s Denial and Legal Action

Blake Corum adamantly denied any involvement with Stalions or the alleged business venture. He expressed gratitude to whoever discovered the information and assured reporters that his attorneys were already working to address the issue. Corum stated that he had spoken with his attorney prior to the press conference and was confident that the matter would be resolved promptly. When asked if he believed his name had been forged on the LLC paperwork, Corum responded that he was unsure of the specifics but was certain that it would be taken care of.

Stalions and the NCAA Investigation

Connor Stalions has recently gained notoriety due to his alleged involvement in an illegal sign-stealing operation within the University of Michigan football program. Reports suggest that Stalions purchased tickets to Michigan’s future opponents’ games and sent them to his accomplices, who would record the opposing team’s signals. Stalions would then decode these signals to gain an advantage. The NCAA is currently investigating these allegations, with Stalions as the main person of interest.

Stalions’ Previous Legal Troubles

In addition to the recent allegations, it was reported by the Wall Street Journal that Stalions was sued by his homeowners association for allegedly running a second-hand vacuum selling business out of his home. These unrelated legal troubles have further contributed to the scrutiny surrounding Stalions.

Corum’s Distraction-Free Mindset

Despite the attention surrounding the alleged business affiliation and the ongoing NCAA investigation, Corum maintained a focused mindset. He emphasized that he was not involved in any vacuum-selling business or any other distractions. Corum expressed gratitude to those who brought the issue to his attention, as it allowed him to address it promptly. He dismissed the possibility of the situation becoming a distraction for him or the team, stating that his sole focus was on their upcoming games.


Blake Corum’s denial of any business affiliation with former recruiting analyst Connor Stalions brings further intrigue to the ongoing NCAA investigation into the University of Michigan football program. The images that surfaced on social media suggesting a business partnership between Corum and Stalions have raised questions about the extent of Stalions’ involvement with the team. As Corum’s attorneys work to resolve the matter and clear his name from any associated documentation, the investigation into the alleged sign-stealing operation continues. Corum remains focused on his role as a player and is determined not to let the situation become a distraction for him or the team.