Another Kingdom: Light Stage – A Chess Set That Transcends Tradition

Another Kingdom Light Stage A Chess Set That Transcends Tradition

Taras Yoom’s Visionary Creation Blends Art and Strategy in a Celebration of Peace

Chess, a game known for its intellectual prowess, has long been a source of inspiration for storytelling. Designer Taras Yoom takes this timeless game to new heights with his creation, “Another Kingdom: Light Stage.” This limited edition collection of handcrafted chess sets goes beyond traditional boundaries, merging artistry and strategy to create a symbolic celebration of peace. Each meticulously crafted set embodies a harmonious exchange between two realms, inviting players and collectors alike into the vibrant and imaginative world of Yoomoota.

Merging Art and Strategy with Meticulous Craftsmanship

Yoom’s “Another Kingdom: Light Stage” chess sets are not just ordinary chess sets; they are handcrafted collectibles that breathe life into the game. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, each set is a masterpiece of 3D printing, molding, sculpting, polymer casting, and acrylic paint detailing. The fusion of materials such as acrylic, metal, plastic, silicone, and wood adds a tactile richness, transforming the chess pieces into works of art. The color palette, dominated by light pastels and blues, reflects the essence of the truce and the exchange of knowledge and goods between the two kingdoms.

A Digital Secret and Unique Connection

To further elevate the chess sets, Yoom incorporates a digital secret in the form of an NFC chip. This digital certificate validates, authenticates, and records the ownership and provenance of each artwork, ensuring a unique connection between the piece and its collector. The inclusion of this technology adds a modern twist to the traditional game, enhancing the overall experience and value of the chess sets.

The Narrative of Another Kingdom: Light Stage

Yoom’s narrative behind “Another Kingdom: Light Stage” transports players and collectors to the planet Us2BeBetter in the Yoomoota universe. The chessboard becomes a conceptual landscape, with pieces rising on two mountains, guarding a coveted artifact resembling an old pocket watch. This artifact possesses the power to temporarily revert the past, allowing players to rewrite history as they engage in the age-old game. The chess set serves as a tangible link to this celestial body, offering a glimpse into a new story that embraces peace and avoids conflict.

A Celebration of Peace and Rewriting Destinies

Describing “Another Kingdom: Light Stage” as the dawn of a new era in the development of the Yoomoota kingdom, Taras Yoom infuses the chess set with a festive ambiance reminiscent of an endless fair. It goes beyond the physical victories dictated by classical chess rules, offering a symbolic triumph through the discovery of a hidden treasure at the board’s center. The chess set personifies not just a game but a celebration of peace and the rewriting of destinies. The inclusion of alien-like creatures adds an element of otherworldliness, transporting players into the vibrant and imaginative world of Yoomoota.


In “Another Kingdom: Light Stage,” Taras Yoom showcases his visionary approach to chess, merging art and strategy to create a truly unique experience. The handcrafted collectibles invite players and collectors to partake in a journey where strategy meets symbolism, and where the truce declared on the chessboard echoes into the vast expanse of Yoomoota. With meticulous craftsmanship and a narrative that embraces peace and rewriting destinies, Yoom’s chess sets transcend tradition, offering a tangible link to a vibrant and imaginative universe.