Look Dine-In Cinemas: A New Movie Theater and Restaurant Concept Opens in Reston Town Center

Look Dine-In Cinemas combines the movie theater experience with a full-service restaurant, offering a unique and convenient entertainment option for residents of Reston Town Center.

Reston Town Center is set to welcome a new and innovative addition to its entertainment scene with the opening of Look Dine-In Cinemas on Thursday, November 2. This unique concept combines the traditional movie theater experience with a full-service restaurant, providing patrons with the opportunity to enjoy a meal while watching their favorite films. With its arrival, Look Dine-In Cinemas aims to fill the void left by the closure of the previous theater in the area, Bow Tie Cinema.

A Makeover for a New Beginning:

Following months of planning and preparation, Look Dine-In Cinemas is ready to unveil its Reston Town Center location. Taking over the space previously occupied by Bow Tie Cinema, Look has given it a complete makeover to reflect the brand’s distinct decor and style. The result is a modern and inviting space that sets the stage for an exceptional movie-watching and dining experience.

The Look Dine-In Experience:

Similar in concept to the popular Alamo Drafthouse in Ashburn, Look Dine-In Cinemas offers a seamless and convenient experience for moviegoers. Upon entering the theater, patrons are directed to their seats, each of which features a small table. Once settled, guests can simply scan a QR code and browse the Look app to place their food and drink orders. The menu offers a diverse selection of snacks, shareables, salads, quesadillas, burgers, and enticing main entrees such as Coconut Shrimp and Loaded Mac & Cheese. To complement the meal, Look also provides a range of desserts, milkshakes, beer, wine, and a full bar with a tempting cocktail menu.

A Statewide Expansion:

With locations already established in seven states, Look Dine-In Cinemas has garnered a reputation for providing a unique and enjoyable movie-watching experience. The Reston Town Center location marks the brand’s first venture into Virginia, bringing its innovative concept to a new audience eager for a fresh take on cinema entertainment.

Look Dine-In Cinemas’ grand opening in Reston Town Center offers residents and visitors a thrilling combination of cinema and dining. By seamlessly integrating the two experiences, Look provides a convenient and enjoyable option for moviegoers who seek a more immersive and satisfying outing. As the brand continues to expand its footprint across the country, it is clear that Look Dine-In Cinemas is revolutionizing the way we enjoy movies, one theater at a time.