Construction Set to Begin on 400 Lake Shore Drive: A New Landmark for Chicago’s Skyline

Related Midwest’s Ambitious Development Project Moves Forward

After months of anticipation, construction is set to commence on 400 Lake Shore Drive, a transformative development that will redefine Chicago’s skyline. The project, situated on the former Chicago Spire site, has gained significant attention since its approval in the summer of 2020, amidst the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. With Related Midwest at the helm and renowned architectural firm Skidmore, Owings and Merrill leading the design, this ambitious endeavor promises to deliver a modern and luxurious living experience.

A Towering Achievement: The Northern Tower

As part of the first phase of construction, the development of DuSable Park will commence even before the tower is fully occupied. This demonstrates the commitment of Related Midwest to creating a comprehensive living experience for its residents. However, the timely completion of the park is contingent upon the Chicago Park District providing the necessary construction documents within 16 months of the tower’s caisson permit issuance. This ensures that the park can be enjoyed by residents and visitors alike, adding a green oasis to the bustling urban landscape.

In addition to DuSable Park, the project includes the completion of the riverwalk along the southern edge of the site. This riverwalk will not only provide a scenic pathway for pedestrians, but it will also serve as a vibrant public space where people can gather, relax, and enjoy the beauty of the Chicago River. With carefully curated landscaping and thoughtful design elements, the riverwalk will become a destination in its own right, attracting both residents and tourists.

To further enhance connectivity and accessibility, a new pedestrian lane will be created to connect the riverwalk to the Ogden Slip. This pedestrian lane will provide a seamless transition from the riverwalk to the waterfront, allowing residents and visitors to easily explore the surrounding area. Whether it’s a leisurely stroll along the water’s edge or a jog to start the day, this pedestrian lane will offer a safe and convenient route for outdoor activities.

The completion of DuSable Park, the riverwalk, and the pedestrian lane will not only elevate the overall living experience at 400 Lake Shore Drive but also contribute to the vibrancy and allure of the surrounding neighborhood. These additions will create inviting outdoor spaces that foster a sense of community and encourage an active lifestyle. Residents will have the opportunity to enjoy picnics in the park, take leisurely walks along the riverwalk, and explore the waterfront at their leisure.


, the construction of 400 Lake Shore Drive is not just about the creation of a towering skyscraper, but also about the development of a thriving and interconnected community. With meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to enhancing the urban landscape, Related Midwest and Skidmore, Owings and Merrill are set to deliver a modern and luxurious living experience that extends beyond the walls of the tower. From the breathtaking views to the meticulously designed outdoor spaces, 400 Lake Shore Drive will redefine Chicago’s skyline and set a new standard for urban living.

Enhancing the Urban Landscape: DuSable Park and Riverwalk

As part of the first phase of construction, work on DuSable Park will commence even before the tower is fully occupied. This park, named after Jean Baptiste Point DuSable, the first non-indigenous settler of Chicago, will be a significant addition to the city’s green spaces. The park will cover an expansive area, featuring lush landscaping, walking paths, and seating areas for relaxation. It will also include a playground for children, ensuring that families in the area have a safe and enjoyable place to spend time outdoors.

However, the construction of DuSable Park is contingent upon the Chicago Park District providing the necessary construction documents within 16 months of the tower’s caisson permit issuance. This collaboration between Related Midwest and the Park District aims to ensure that the park is completed in a timely manner, aligning with the overall construction timeline of the tower. By working together, they are committed to delivering the completed park in order to obtain the final Certificate of Occupancy for Tower One.

In addition to DuSable Park, the project includes the completion of the riverwalk along the southern edge of the site. The riverwalk will be a vibrant and bustling promenade, offering a variety of amenities for both residents and visitors. It will feature waterfront cafes, public art installations, and recreational spaces, creating a dynamic and engaging environment. The riverwalk will also provide access to boat docks, allowing people to explore the Chicago River by water.

To further enhance connectivity and accessibility, a new pedestrian lane will be constructed, connecting the riverwalk to the Ogden Slip. This lane will serve as a convenient pathway for pedestrians, allowing them to easily access both the riverwalk and the adjacent Ogden Slip area. It will be designed with pedestrian safety in mind, featuring well-defined crosswalks and ample lighting.

These additions to the project will not only enhance the urban landscape but also provide residents and visitors with an inviting outdoor space to enjoy. Whether it’s strolling along the riverwalk, relaxing in DuSable Park, or using the new pedestrian lane, individuals will have numerous opportunities to engage with nature and experience the beauty of the surrounding area. This thoughtful integration of green spaces and pedestrian-friendly infrastructure demonstrates the commitment of Related Midwest to creating a vibrant and livable community at 400 Lake Shore Drive.

Navigating Construction Logistics: Minimizing Disruptions

To minimize disruptions during the extensive construction process of 400 Lake Shore Drive, careful planning has been put into managing truck traffic. The majority of truck traffic will utilize ramps from the site leading up to Intermediate Lake Shore Drive. This strategic routing will help to minimize the impact on surrounding areas and ensure a smooth flow of construction materials and equipment.

In isolated cases where oversize load deliveries are required, such as caisson mobilization, tower crane installation, and hoist installation, E. North Water St will be utilized. However, these instances will be carefully coordinated to minimize any inconvenience to neighboring areas. The construction team is committed to ensuring that the impact on the local community is kept to a minimum throughout the construction process.

By implementing this strategic approach to truck traffic management, Related Midwest aims to mitigate any potential disruptions and inconvenience to the neighboring areas. This proactive measure demonstrates their commitment to being good neighbors and minimizing the impact of construction activities on the surrounding community.

Overall, the construction team’s careful planning and consideration for the local community will help to ensure a smooth construction process for 400 Lake Shore Drive. By minimizing disruptions and inconveniences, they are working towards creating a positive construction experience for both residents and visitors in the area.

A Phased Approach: From Below-Grade to Vertical Construction

Construction Timeline and Landmark Status

In just 45 days, the construction team will embark on the exciting journey of site clearing and mobilization, marking the official commencement of this ambitious project. This milestone will set the stage for an extensive construction timeline that will bring to life the vision of 400 Lake Shore Drive.

The construction process will be divided into several distinct phases, each with its own set of tasks and objectives. The first phase will focus on below-grade work, which is set to begin in the first quarter of 2024 and extend through the second quarter of 2025. During this period, the installation of caissons, sheeting, and the cofferdam will take place, forming the solid foundation upon which this architectural marvel will rise.

Following the completion of the below-grade work, the construction crews will seamlessly transition to vertical construction. This phase, expected to commence in the first quarter of 2025 and continue through the second quarter of 2027, will encompass a range of activities, including concrete pours, the construction of the building enclosure, and the meticulous attention to interior finishes. It is during this phase that the structure will truly begin to take shape, capturing the essence of the visionary design crafted by Skidmore, Owings and Merrill.

As the construction progresses, the anticipation and excitement surrounding 400 Lake Shore Drive will continue to grow. The final phase of the project will focus on landscaping and adding the finishing touches that will elevate this development to the status of a true landmark. It is projected that these final elements will be completed in the third quarter of 2027, culminating in a grand unveiling that will captivate the city of Chicago and beyond.

The significance of this project cannot be understated. With Related Midwest leading the way and the unparalleled design expertise of Skidmore, Owings and Merrill, 400 Lake Shore Drive promises to become a symbol of luxury living that seamlessly blends modernity with Chicago’s rich architectural heritage. As the construction unfolds, it will undoubtedly shape the future of the city’s urban landscape, creating a new standard of excellence that will offer residents and visitors an unparalleled living experience in the heart of Chicago.


, the construction of 400 Lake Shore Drive represents a momentous undertaking that will redefine Chicago’s skyline and leave an indelible mark on the city’s architectural legacy. With each passing milestone, excitement will continue to build, and the anticipation for the final unveiling will reach a crescendo. Chicago eagerly awaits the birth of this new landmark, ready to embrace the future it represents and the promise of an extraordinary living experience that awaits within its walls.