Purdue University Design & Innovation Students Excel in Moonshot Competitions

Students from Purdue University’s Department of Technology Leadership and Innovation showcase their problem-solving abilities and innovative solutions in annual Moonshot Competitions.

Design & Innovation students at Purdue University’s Polytechnic college have once again proven their exceptional problem-solving abilities and creativity by earning top honors in the annual Moonshot Competitions sponsored by Purdue Innovates. These competitions provide a platform for students to tackle real-world challenges and present groundbreaking solutions. The success of these students highlights the importance of fostering innovation and design thinking within educational institutions like Purdue.



Nudge – A Wearable Patch for Hearing Loss (Orbit category)

One of the standout projects in the Moonshot Pitch Challenge was Nudge, developed by Brady Hawks, Cecilia Sanchez, and Shannon Su. Nudge is a wearable patch that serves as an alarm clock device to assist individuals experiencing issues with hearing loss. This innovative solution aims to improve the quality of life for those with hearing impairments.

The Remedy Glove – Multifunctional Therapeutic Solution for Arthritis (Orbit category)

Abigale Haluska presented The Remedy Glove, a multifunctional therapeutic solution for individuals suffering from arthritis. This glove combines heat, vibration, compression, and cooling to provide customizable therapy and relieve various symptoms associated with the condition. The Remedy Glove offers a promising alternative for arthritis patients seeking effective pain relief.

Quasi Fiction – AI Converges with Storytelling (Orbit category)

Shantanu Roy presented Quasi Fiction, an innovative app that merges artificial intelligence with storytelling, art curation, and comic creation. This groundbreaking app creates unique experiences tailored to the user’s preferences, allowing them to shape narratives as they traverse through each chapter of their own story. Quasi Fiction offers a new dimension to interactive storytelling.

Inspire QR – Quick Boost in Morale and Productivity (Earth category)

Grace Rode, Logan Hoag, Tommaso Graewe, Nicholas Guevara, and Caylee Worthman developed Inspire QR, a project aimed at alleviating stress and lack of motivation commonly experienced by college students. By using QR codes, students can access inspirational quotes and resources with a simple scan, providing a quick boost in morale and productivity. Inspire QR offers a convenient and accessible solution to support students’ mental well-being.

The Concussion Detection Patch – Ensuring Safety in Youth Sports

Blake Shore, Jake Russler, and Rohit Koganti created The Concussion Detection Patch, addressing a critical issue in youth sports. This patch is designed to be placed inside football helmets, detecting forces that may lead to concussions. It alerts coaches, players, and staff when a player needs to be evaluated for a potential concussion, ensuring their safety and well-being.

Tech 2 U – Technology Lending Library for STEM Education (Earth category)

Jennifer Blackburn and Ralph Rivera developed Tech 2 U, a service designed to offer a technology lending library for children and schools. This initiative allows them to acquire and use a variety of STEM education toys and tools in a more affordable manner. Tech 2 U aims to bridge the gap in access to educational resources and promote hands-on learning in STEM fields.


The success of Purdue University’s Design & Innovation students in the Moonshot Competitions demonstrates their exceptional problem-solving abilities and dedication to addressing real-world challenges. These competitions not only provide a platform for students to showcase their talents but also foster innovation and design thinking within the educational institution. By tackling pressing issues and presenting innovative solutions, these students are making a significant impact and paving the way for a brighter future.