Sutter Health Unveils Innovation Center to Tackle Healthcare Challenges

Sutter Health Unveils Innovation Center to Tackle Healthcare Challenges

The health system aims to foster creative solutions by launching an innovation center to address healthcare’s biggest pain points.

Sutter Health, a Sacramento-based health system with 24 hospitals, announced the opening of an innovation center during the recent HLTH conference. The center aims to support and develop new technologies and ideas to tackle the most pressing challenges in healthcare. By joining the ranks of health systems with built-in innovation incubators, Sutter Health hopes to create an integrated network that offers a seamless healthcare experience for patients.


Fostering Innovation Within the Health System

Sutter Health is among a growing number of major health systems, including UPMC, Houston Methodist, the Mayo Clinic, the Cleveland Clinic, and OSF Healthcare, that are establishing innovation centers. These centers serve as incubators for developing new technologies and ideas within the healthcare industry. By leveraging their networks of hospitals and healthcare sites, these health systems can test and validate innovative solutions, potentially leading to marketable products.

Human-Centered Design in Healthcare

Under the leadership of Chief Innovation Officer Chris Waugh and Chief Health Innovation Officer Albert Chan, MD, MS, Sutter Health has gained recognition for its focus on human-centered design in healthcare. The health system recently expanded its innovation team by recruiting top executives from Ochsner Health, including Richard Milani, MD, as the chief clinical innovation officer, and Laura Wilt as the chief digital officer. This emphasis on digital innovation and human-centric approaches reflects Sutter Health’s commitment to delivering a simpler, more engaging, and deeply human healthcare experience.

Investing in Connected Health Tools

Sutter Health recognizes the importance of staying connected to patients in today’s tight economy. To achieve this, the health system plans to expand its investment strategy and support connected health tools and concepts that enable effective care management and coordination. By investing in these technologies, Sutter Health aims to enhance the patient experience and improve the efficiency of care delivery. Additionally, the health system emphasizes the need for collaboration with other organizations to create connected care paths and drive innovation forward.

Charting a New Course in Healthcare

Sutter Health’s President and CEO, Warner Thomas, emphasizes the importance of collaboration and innovation in transforming the healthcare ecosystem. He believes that by working together with industry leaders and visionaries, the innovation center can revolutionize the way care is delivered. Thomas invites those who share the passion for innovation and improving patient lives to join Sutter Health on this transformative journey. The goal is to create a ripple effect that benefits both clinicians and patients, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in healthcare.


Sutter Health’s unveiling of an innovation center demonstrates its commitment to addressing healthcare’s biggest challenges through creative solutions. By fostering innovation within the health system and leveraging human-centered design principles, Sutter Health aims to create an integrated network that offers a seamless healthcare experience for patients. Through investments in connected health tools and collaboration with industry leaders, Sutter Health hopes to revolutionize the delivery of care and improve the lives of both clinicians and patients. The innovation center represents a significant step forward in propelling the mission of Sutter Health to new heights, ensuring a dynamic transformation in the healthcare industry.