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DIY Raised Garden Bed – EASY Tips and Tricks

Hey guys, today, I’m gon na show you a cheap and easy way to build your very own, raised bed garden. So, like I said in the beginning, in this video, I’m gon na show you guys a cheap and easy way to build your very own, raised bed garden like the one. That’S behind me right now, but first I need to give you a rundown of the supplies. You will need to build this raised bed garden.

First you’ll need 2, 6 foot by 1 foot planks and two 4 foot by 1 foot planks. I chose pine as the wood, but you can choose any wood that you desire. Next, you will need 12 24 inch. Rebar to help support the planks. You will also need a hammer or a sledgehammer to put the planks in the ground.

You will need a newspaper to lay at the bottom of the bed, soil and, obviously last but not least plants. So now I will run you through how to actually build the raised bed garden. You will want to start by lying either two or all four planks on the ground to figure out where you’re gon na put them and how they will fit in the area that you’re in, as you see here, there’s not much space for this bed. So I had to lay it down prior to make sure that it would actually fit in this area. I chose to lay two planks down first and then lie the other two planks once I had those first two planks set.

So once you have the planks laid on the ground, you will then set a few rebar around the planks to help support them and hold them on. You only want to put them in a few inches. You don’t want to set the rebar too deep, yet because you might have to readjust them and once you have the planks set, ensure there are no gaps between the planks and that they are level and flush with each other. Once you have the set, you will then set your rebar completely. You will want four pieces of rebar on either side of the 6-foot planks and two pieces of rebar on either side of the 4-foot planks.

You will set these in and put the rebar flush with the planks, so there will be a foot of rebar underground and a foot of rebar above ground. You also want to make sure that the rebar is flush with the planks, because some of the rebar can be pretty sharp and you don’t want to cut yourself later on top. So once you have your planks set and there’s no gaps, the rebar is firmly holding it. You will want to lay down your newspaper, make sure that the newspaper covers all of the ground and that around the plank it comes a few inches above the ground against the plank. Once you have all your newspaper set, you will then water the newspaper to help it break down and calm, it’s better.

Once it’s under the soil, once you have watered your newspaper, you will lay your soil and just ensure that you leave a few inches at the top for room. So once you finish, laying the soil there’s only one thing left to do and that’s put in plants. So now that I’ve shown you guys how to build the raised bed garden, I want to show you really quick what we’re growing, so you can kind of get an idea of what can fit in the size of a six by four foot raised bed. So here is the raised bed garden done with about a month’s worth of things growing. We had a lot of it pre planted, so it was already growing when we purchased it because of the time that we started in the season.

We have a red bell, pepper. We have two of those, a yellow bell, pepper and a green bell pepper plant. These were all pre planted. That’S why they’re so large and they actually are starting to bloom or blossom. We do have a jalapeno as well, but those can cross pollinate, which means you can actually lose like the heat or spiciness of a jalapeno.

If it’s growing near bell peppers or non spicy peppers, we also have two cherry tomato plants. Those were pre planted and a Roma tomato plant right over here. You can actually see they’re starting to Bald, which is super awesome. I I will say when I actually first planted this. I thought for sure none of this stuff was going to grow because it wasn’t growing and it all looked like it was dying.

It was super hot, but it eventually did, as you can see bloom, we did plant cilantro. That was also pre planted of all the plants that we had. Cilantro looked the worst and it actually just flowered. So we didn’t pick it. This was kind of like a we planted it, but didn’t know if it was gon na be a bust.

Parsley was pre planted as well, and then we have a squash that we actually planted from a seed. So that’s from literally just in the ground to now it’s grown quite a bit and then all along the back. Here we have basil, which that was pre planted. As well so it was fairly small, they’ve, definitely grown and then there’s mint over there, which that was actually planted prior to making this raised bed garden. So there you have it, you can build your own raised bed garden.

That is both cheap and easy, and you can fit quite a bit of a variety of vegetables inside.

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