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Edible Indoor Gardening – DIY Apartment Gardens YOU CAN Harvest and Eat

All right, so this is another update. I don’t know if you can tell from last time just how much more these things I’ve grown. I mean every single day. I look at it. I noticed more growth.

I’Ve done a lot of trimming to the tomato plants, because new shoots have been really starting to take off. You can see that new shoot has really grown right there on that plant, but I’ve cut out a lot of the large leaves and as they were just kind of taken over they weren’t fitting. In this spot, these little seedlings have grown a little bit. You can see I’ve got now third set of leaves coming on my basil and the sage has grown quite a bit. It started to fall over, I’m not quite sure.

Why guess I really need to stake it, but I just don’t have any stakes to hold it up right now, so put the tomatoes really hard to see, but I’ve got little little flowers starting on them and peppers. Just like last time, they still have the buds buds are getting quite larger and I’ve got quite a bit more so soon. Hopefully I should be getting some tomatoes and peppers starting and my hydroponic lettuce here is really doing pretty well, it’s not obviously grown as fast as the tomatoes over there, but you know they’re they’re, growing and I’ve already know it’s already starting to look like romaine lettuce. As you can see that one special, it’s really taken off, that a few more leaves on this spinach here so they’re doing pretty well and my seedlings for the butterhead lettuce, as you can see, are starting to get the ruffled leaves on it. So those are pretty close to wanting to transplant into my hydroponic system.

So hopefully these things these seedlings will grow quick. So I can harvest them and put my butterhead lettuce in also the Swiss chard have really grown about ready to get their second set of leaves there as you can see, and they are doing quite well. I love the color of the stock here. They’Re, nice and red really pretty plant, so that is my update. Guys have any questions leave them in the comments the comments section below and thanks again for watching next week.

I’Ll give you guys another update on this. Hopefully, this lettuce will grow quite a bit more thanks right.

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