PhysicsX Emerges from Stealth with $32 Million in Funding to Revolutionize Physical Systems Simulation

PhysicsX Emerges from Stealth with 32 Million in Funding to Revolutionize Physical Systems Simulation

London-based AI startup PhysicsX aims to accelerate engineering simulations for the enterprise world, targeting industries like automotive, aerospace, and materials science manufacturing.

PhysicsX, an AI startup founded by a former Formula One engineering superstar and a computer science expert, has emerged from stealth mode with a focus on building and operating physical systems in the enterprise sector. The London-based company has developed an AI platform that creates and runs simulations for engineers working in industries such as automotive, aerospace, and materials science manufacturing. PhysicsX has secured $32 million in a Series A funding round led by General Catalyst, with participation from investors including Standard Investments, NGP, Radius Capital, and Henry Kravis, co-founder and co-executive chairman of KKR. The funding will be used for business development and further platform development.

Tackling Bottlenecks in Physical System Development

In the world of manufacturing and physical production, PhysicsX is addressing a consistent yet overlooked problem. Whenever a new idea is introduced in a physical system, engineers need to simulate and test how it will work before committing to its development. This process is typically carried out manually by scientists and engineers, with some assistance from AI. However, the computational cost and time required for complex simulations limit the depth of optimization.

Co-founder Robin Tuluie, who has a background in theoretical physics and Formula One racing, explains that simulating something as simple as airflow across an object can take hours, while more complex simulations can take days. PhysicsX aims to overcome these limitations by providing an enterprise platform that predicts the physics of a system with high accuracy and speed, enabling engineers to optimize designs more efficiently.

A Team of Experts Driving Innovation

PhysicsX has assembled a team of 50 scientists, including mechanical engineering specialists and physicists, to build its platform. Co-founder Jacomo Corbo, who holds a PhD from Harvard and has experience in racing and AI labs at McKinsey, emphasizes that the platform is not limited to automotive applications. It can be applied to a wide range of domains, including mining, by enabling high-dimensional simulations with exceptional accuracy and speed.

The Rise of AI in the Physical World

PhysicsX’s emergence aligns with the growing trend of applying AI to the physical world. DeepMind recently showcased advanced machine learning techniques for weather prediction, highlighting the potential for AI to outperform numerical simulations. Corbo believes that this development marks the next frontier in AI research and development, with applications across various engineering sectors.


PhysicsX’s AI platform has the potential to revolutionize engineering and R&D in complex industries. By enabling faster and more accurate simulations, the startup aims to overcome bottlenecks in physical system development. With the backing of General Catalyst and other investors, PhysicsX is well-positioned to lead the way in advanced industries and create a new category-defining company. As AI continues to evolve, PhysicsX’s innovative approach promises to transform how industrial companies approach development in the future.