Vintage on Race: A New Fountain Square Hotspot Set to Appeal to All Ages

Vintage on Race A New Fountain Square Hotspot Set to Appeal to All Ages

Further Concepts and Investors unveil plans for Vintage on Race, a sports and entertainment concept at the Foundry in Cincinnati’s Fountain Square.

Cincinnati’s Fountain Square is set to welcome a new sports and entertainment concept that aims to become the go-to hotspot for locals and visitors alike. Further Concepts and Investors, led by owner Tyler Wogenstahl, have signed a lease for 8,000 square feet of space at the Foundry, a $51 million redevelopment project by Cincinnati Center City Development Corp. (3CDC). With the unveiling of renderings and a name, Vintage on Race, the concept promises to offer a unique atmosphere that caters to a diverse range of age groups.

A Concept for All Ages: Vintage on Race’s Unique Appeal

Wogenstahl’s vision for Vintage on Race is to create a space that appeals to individuals of all ages, filling a gap in the downtown Cincinnati and Over-the-Rhine area. While there are plenty of bars that cater to the younger crowd, there are few options for older adults looking for a vibrant and inclusive social environment. Vintage aims to bridge this gap by offering a place that combines community and entertainment, ensuring that patrons from all walks of life feel welcome and engaged.

A Refreshing Take on “Vintage”

The name Vintage on Race was carefully chosen to reflect the concept’s atmosphere. Rather than representing something old or outdated, the term “vintage” is meant to convey a sense of maturity and character. Vintage on Race seeks to create an ambiance that is not bound by age but instead celebrates the richness and diversity of experiences that come with time. By redefining the concept of vintage, Wogenstahl hopes to attract a wide range of patrons who appreciate a vibrant and inclusive social scene.

The Foundry: A Perfect Setting for Vintage on Race

The Foundry, a redevelopment project by 3CDC, provides the ideal location for Vintage on Race. Situated in the former Fountain Place Mall, the Foundry offers a unique and historic backdrop for the concept. The $51 million investment in the redevelopment project demonstrates the commitment to revitalizing the area and creating a thriving hub for entertainment and community engagement. Vintage on Race’s presence at the Foundry will further contribute to the transformation of Fountain Square into a vibrant and dynamic destination.

Building the Vintage Experience

With the lease signed and the concept in motion, Further Concepts and Investors have begun the process of building out the space for Vintage on Race. The renderings showcase a thoughtfully designed interior that combines elements of sports and entertainment, creating a visually appealing and immersive environment. The attention to detail in the design ensures that patrons will have a unique and memorable experience at Vintage on Race.

A Fountain Square Hotspot in the Making

As Vintage on Race takes shape, anticipation builds among Cincinnati residents and visitors. The concept’s commitment to providing a space that appeals to all age groups sets it apart from other establishments in the area. By offering a diverse range of entertainment options and fostering a sense of community, Vintage on Race aims to become a go-to destination for locals and tourists alike.

Vintage on Race is poised to become a new Fountain Square hotspot, bringing a fresh and inclusive concept to downtown Cincinnati. With its focus on appealing to a wide range of age groups and creating a vibrant and engaging atmosphere, Vintage on Race promises to be a unique addition to the city’s entertainment scene. As the Foundry continues its transformation into a hub of activity, Vintage on Race will undoubtedly play a significant role in shaping the future of Fountain Square.