Southern Equestrian Association Calls for End to Track Vandalism

President Choix Melchoir urges culprit(s) to cease destructive acts

The Southern Equestrian Association was left in shock and disbelief after discovering large holes dug on the race track in Vieux-Fort, located on the old runway. President Choix Melchoir has since called for the culprit(s) responsible to cease their acts of vandalism. Despite the setback, Melchoir remains determined to continue organizing horse races in Vieux-Fort, with plans for future events already in motion.

A Message to the Culprit(s)

In an interview with Loop News, President Melchoir expressed his concern and frustration over the incident, urging the culprit(s) to put an end to their destructive actions. He emphasized the association’s commitment to maintaining a safe and enjoyable environment for horse racing enthusiasts. Melchoir’s message was clear: the association will not be deterred by this act of vandalism.

Moving Forward with Horse Racing Plans

While no specific dates have been set for upcoming races, Melchoir has a few tentative options in mind. However, he stressed the need for significant sponsorship to ensure the success of future events. While uncertain if the previous sponsors would be able to support another race in such a short timeframe, Melchoir remains optimistic about finding new sponsors to help sustain the association’s efforts.

Seeking Answers and Support

Despite making inquiries, the association has been unable to identify the individual(s) responsible for the damage. Melchoir emphasized that neither the St Lucia Air and Sea Ports Authority (SLASPA), which granted permission for the track’s construction, nor any members of the association were involved in the vandalism. As investigations continue, the association remains committed to improving and expanding the racetrack.

Future Development and Challenges

President Melchoir acknowledged that there is still work to be done to enhance the racetrack in Vieux-Fort. The association recognizes the importance of ongoing improvements to ensure the safety and enjoyment of both participants and spectators. However, these endeavors require substantial financial support and collaboration with sponsors and stakeholders.

A Resilient Spirit Prevails

Despite the setback, the Southern Equestrian Association remains undeterred in its mission to promote and organize horse racing events in Vieux-Fort. The commitment and resilience demonstrated by President Melchoir and the association’s members are a testament to their passion for the sport. Their determination to overcome obstacles and continue providing thrilling race experiences for the community is unwavering.


The recent act of vandalism on the race track in Vieux-Fort has sparked outrage within the Southern Equestrian Association. President Choix Melchoir’s call for the culprit(s) to cease their destructive acts serves as a reminder of the association’s commitment to maintaining a safe and enjoyable environment for horse racing enthusiasts. As investigations continue, the association remains focused on their plans for future races, seeking new sponsors and support to ensure the success and growth of the sport in Vieux-Fort. The incident has only strengthened their resolve to enhance the racetrack and provide unforgettable experiences for participants and spectators alike.