Setty Joins Manchester City Esports: A New Chapter for the Fortnite Pro

Setty Joins Manchester City Esports A New Chapter for the Fortnite Pro

The FNCS 2022 Champion brings his skills to the Premier League champs’ gaming team

Fortnite professional player and FNCS 2022 champion, Setty, has made a major move in his career by joining the Manchester City Esports team. As the Fortnite Esports season kicks off with the FNCS 2024 Majors, Setty’s addition to the team has sparked excitement among fans and players alike. This article delves into Setty’s journey, his previous achievements, and what this new partnership means for both Setty and Manchester City Esports.

Setty’s Rise to Fame in the Fortnite Pro Community

Over the years, the Fortnite professional community has witnessed the emergence of new stars, with players like Anas and Bugha gaining fame after winning championships. Setty, a skilled player from Poland, made a name for himself when he and his duo partner Kami became the champions of the FNCS Invitational 2022. Setty’s victory showcased his exceptional talent and positioned him as one of the top players in the Fortnite competitive scene.

Setty’s Journey and Experience in Fortnite Esports

Before joining Manchester City Esports, Setty had competed for teams such as Tundra Esports and Become Legends. His experience in the professional Fortnite circuit has honed his skills and strategic gameplay, making him a formidable competitor. Setty’s track record of success in various tournaments and his consistent performance have solidified his reputation as one of the best players in Europe.

Setty’s Arrival at Manchester City Esports

On February 8, 2024, Setty officially joined Manchester City Esports as their newest Fortnite Pro. The announcement was made on Manchester City’s official social media accounts, with the club’s X account revealing the exciting news. Setty’s signing was met with enthusiasm from fans and fellow players, including a warm welcome from Haaland, a member of the team. As a member of Manchester City Esports, Setty will proudly represent the club in Fortnite Esports tournaments.

Setty’s Goals and Ambitions with Manchester City Esports

Setty has set his sights on winning the FNCS (Fortnite Champion Series) this year, following a close miss in the previous season. In an interview, he expressed his determination to claim victory in the upcoming tournaments, including the highly anticipated World Cup-like event at the end of the year. Setty also emphasized the importance of his partnership with Kami, his trusted duo partner, as they aim to dominate the competition together. He shared an image of his Fortnite lobby, showcasing his support for Manchester City by wearing the club’s skin in the game.

Setty’s move to Manchester City Esports marks a significant milestone in his career as a professional Fortnite player. Joining forces with one of the most prestigious gaming teams in the world, Setty has the opportunity to further elevate his gameplay and compete at the highest level. As fans eagerly anticipate his performance in the FNCS 2024 Majors and other tournaments, Setty’s partnership with Manchester City Esports promises an exciting future filled with thrilling battles and potential championship victories.