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Grow Potatoes In Your Backyard Garden – (Tips and Tricks) – Off the Grid Gardening

Welcome, today, we’ll be talking about growing potatoes. I didn’t realize that potatoes were so easy to grow until my mother-in-law shared a tip with me and I started doing it.

So I just decided that I was going to share it with you. Grunt potatoes can be easy as 1 2 3. All these potatoes came from my garden and they actually came from the potatoes that I bought in the store. This is what you do want. You get your potatoes, which usually come with lots of eyes.

What we call eyes on the potato. If you look right here, you’ll see the eyes, that’s where a new potato could actually grow from so one you get your potato and there I have cut my potato already and I’ve cut my potato into sections and each section has eyes now. This is where your new potato will grow from. So one get your potato to cut your potato into sections three decide whether or not you want to plant your potato in the ground or in a container. If you plant in your potato in the ground, make sure that the soil is friable or it’s loose, it’s not clumped together, okay and if you’re gon na plant in a container make sure that your container has holes at the bottom so that the excess water can Drain.

Okay, so here I go again: 1 get your potato to cut your potatoes so that you have that eyes on the pieces of potato and 3. Just put your potato pieces into your soil, whether in the ground or in the pot, but make sure when you’re putting the piece of potato in the soil. You make sure that eyes, the potato is turned upwards. Okay, so you put your potato in with the eyes turned upward and you put it in maybe just about an inch or so below the soil and cover your pieces of potatoes lightly, and in a couple months you should get new potatoes. Now, usually, when the potatoes are ready, they will pop above the soil, and you can see you can rinse the potato.

So you can just get your glove use your finger and just lose the soil around the potato and take the potato out. So that’s it growing. Potatoes easy as 1-2-3 gets your potatoes cut your potatoes in sections make sure each piece of potato has eyes that can produce new potatoes and three put your pieces of potatoes with the eyes turned upward into the soil and water them make sure they’re. Well, that the soil is well drained on the soil should not be too soggy, and there you have it. You will get new potatoes in just a couple months, thanks for tuning in again and hope to see you again soon hope you try it cool right.

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