Tennessee Football Makes History with Three Defensive Touchdowns in Victory over UConn

Tennessee Football Makes History with Three Defensive Touchdowns in Victory over UConn

Vols’ Dominant Performance Paves the Way for Program Milestone

In a lopsided victory over UConn, Tennessee football etched its name in the program’s history books. While the game lacked drama, the Vols showcased their defensive prowess by scoring three touchdowns on the defensive side of the ball—a first in the program’s storied history. This remarkable achievement highlights the team’s exceptional performance and sets the stage for a promising season under the leadership of head coach Josh Heupel.

Tyler Baron’s Fumble Recovery Touchdown

The first defensive touchdown came late in the first half when UConn attempted a receiver screen. Gabe Jeudy-Lally made a crucial play, punching the ball out, and Tyler Baron seized the opportunity, scooping it up and effortlessly strolling into the end zone for a 24-yard touchdown. Heupel commended Baron’s effort, acknowledging his near misses in previous games and expressing his satisfaction with the well-deserved touchdown.

Jaylen McCollough’s Pick-Six

With a commanding 35-3 lead at halftime, Tennessee’s defense wasted no time in the second half. Kurrot Garland’s pressure on UConn quarterback Ta’Quan Roberson led to an interception by Jaylen McCollough, who swiftly returned it for a pick-six. This electrifying play further solidified the Vols’ dominance and set the tone for the remainder of the game.

Aaron Beasley’s Pick-Six

The Vols continued their defensive onslaught as James Pearce Jr. applied pressure on Roberson, forcing an errant pass. Linebacker Aaron Beasley seized the opportunity, intercepting the ball and outmaneuvering Roberson for a 39-yard pick-six. These consecutive defensive touchdowns occurred before Tennessee’s offense even took the field in the third quarter, showcasing the team’s depth and versatility.

Changing the Game’s Dynamics

Heupel acknowledged the significance of the two second-half defensive touchdowns, stating that they altered the course of the game. The early lead allowed the Vols to give playing time to their younger players and further develop their roster. With UConn’s offense draining the clock, opportunities to involve the entire team were limited later in the game. Nonetheless, the impact of the defensive touchdowns reverberated throughout the team and set the stage for future success.

A Historic Milestone

Since the inception of recorded stats in 1949, Tennessee football had never achieved the feat of scoring three defensive touchdowns in a single game. The victory over UConn marked a historic milestone for the program, highlighting the team’s exceptional defensive performance. Additionally, it was the first time since 2013 that the Vols recorded two pick-sixes in a game, a testament to the team’s continuous pursuit of excellence.


Tennessee football’s resounding victory over UConn not only showcased their dominance on the field but also etched their name in program history. The Vols’ three defensive touchdowns in a single game exemplify the team’s commitment to excellence and the impact of their relentless defensive efforts. As they prepare to face the formidable Missouri Tigers, Tennessee aims to build on this historic achievement and continue their successful season under the guidance of Coach Heupel. The Vols’ defensive prowess has set the bar high, leaving fans and opponents alike eagerly anticipating their next performance.