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How Much Does Aquaponics Cost? – A walkthrough of an Aquaponics Design System

Hi friends, I’M gonna go over the cost of some of the components to putting together an aquaponic system which is basically a hydroponic system, the difference being and still using chemicals you’re using fish waste you’re raising fish, I’m personally raising Hawaiian golden tilapia Hawaiian golden tilapia and they Preserve a make more than enough ways to have to use a filter as well to filter out the extra otherwise I’ll over fertilize, my plants that are in the essentially hydroponic system.

Here this is a feed bed. I have the plants housed in I paid about 130 dollars for that attractor supply company, the price of gravel you can find at Lowe’s. It varies, you’re, probably going to need at least 10 to 15 bags just to fill up a 10 foot bed like I have here so that price will vary depending on what you’re looking at I’d recommend a smooth gravel. I have smooth gravel mixed with lava stone. A lot of stone is supposed to drain well, but sometimes it has cavities in it, that’ll bring mold or mildew, and you have to locate those stones that that happens with and remove them.

So if I did this again and when I make another bed, I’m going to do it all smooth the gravel, the cages that are on here, those are only about four or five dollars. If you find a good deal on of a piece and bags of seeds – or you know anywhere from 2 to 6 dollars, you can also get some plants and transplants and Transplant them, so those costs will vary if you want to put in a bigger system, depending On the size of the tilapia or fish that you get when you’re setting it up the price of a 100 gallon Rubbermaid tub like this, I think I paid $ 75 for it. I had to replace the plug. This is the plug that fit it before. I think it’s about an inch and a half and replaced it with PVC piping and a brass fitting for a hose and a little extension there.

So I could feed the water in without it splashing so much and more easily attach a hose from when I’m draining with system to clean it. I think the total of those parts is probably somewhere around 15 to 20 dollars. There’S a reservoir tank and you paid about $ 10 for that put a pump in a pond pump and loans. I think it paid about $ 70 for that and that pumps, the water back up into the main tank cost of the hose, is probably another 10 dollars. The filter on here is actually only a 75 gallon filter.

I have on this hundred gallon tank because it’s kind of offset by the hydroponic portion is about 70 to 80 dollars, depending on where you buy it. You know those type of filters, as the hatchery tank has much smaller, when I think it’s about a $ 20 filter for a 30 gallon tank, and this is actually only about a 25 gallons container. I have here. I have a strap going around that to keep it from bowing out any further, but that did save me some money, I think total of that is probably about twenty-five dollars for the tank and strap. Of course, I’m now got about 300 tilapia babies.

You see quite a few of them hanging that around the heater, so they just keep breathing more for you. You grow more eat them, sell them whatever. I have a white hanging up there. It’S only about ten bucks, let’s just Richt it up. They’Re lighting above here, I think those ballasts for about $ 15, a piece I got all the lights looked into, timers, there’s a $ 10 a piece and you can plug two cords and grounded cords into those if need be, got all the lights operating on 14 Hour cycle got four sets of ballast in here each one about ten dollars made my own reflectors beer around it out of the cardboard it goes around.

These individual lights lights are only about seven dollars a piece. I got two different spectrums, one towards blue one towards red, so the plants can get their full spectrum of light and, of course, got timers hooked up on the one for each two sets of ballasts. Some extension cords, if need be another $ 20 apiece to get good size cords that you know run where I needed them to go and the table that my brother built out of oak. I’M sorry build it out at cedar, so that didn’t really cost me much by the tarp for ten dollars and cover the top other keep her from getting water damaged. And, of course you have things like aquarium, salt and start right.

You’ll need basically run your aquarium portion of the aquaponic system about four dollars for that box. So for the aquarium there are freshwater fish, but you do put this in there and this start right. You put in a cap full for about every ten gallons of water. You put in the tank to do that when you start tank, you do it when you change the water and then food.

I have a lot you might want to buy some smaller amount, depending on how much you’re willing to invest initially, and I got a mortar and pestle for grinding up some of the food for getting to the small fry and the fingerlings alright.

Well, I guess that’s about it for this video, the next one I’ll talk about actually setting this stuff up and operating the system, cool right click, the link in the description for pricing ratings and reviews. You

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