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How To Cook A Perfect Fried Egg

how to cook a perfectly fried egg
how to cook a perfectly fried egg

How To Cook Perfectly Fried Eggs – Everytime

If you want to know hot to how to cook a perfect fried egg then check out this awesome step by step instructional article on the best ways to cook a perfect fried egg, no matter what your fired egg prefernce is.

Few things are as beautiful, or delicious, as a perfectly cooked fried egg.

They can make virtually anything better, from toast to a double cheeseburger and beyond.

Follow these tips and you’ll be making eggs just like your favorite diner in no time.

You need to choose the right pan.

Whenever it comes to cooking, I love a good cast iron skillet.

For eggs, however, there is no better cooking surface than nonstick.

For cooking eggs, I bought a nonstick pan, and it’s well worth the investment.

A nonstick skillet typically has a shorter life expectancy, so feel free to get the cheapest one available.

An 8″ pan is the right size for someone like me who likes to make a couple of fried eggs at a time.

Get something bigger if you’re always cooking breakfast for a crowd.

A cast iron or carbon steel pan can be used if you don’t have a nonstick pan.

You just need to increase the amount of fat you use so you won’t have to scrape burned egg off your pan.

Make sure you use the right kind of fat.

Traditionally, butter is used to fry eggs, and it’s probably the best choice on our experience.

How come?

This is just… astonishingly good.


There’s plenty of options besides butter if you don’t like it.

Olive oil is just as good, it will still add some flavor to your eggs, but will give them a golden crunchy exterior.

In a pinch, vegetable oil will work fine, but it’s not preferable.

Having bacon fat on the other hand will make your creations even better.

Can you think of a more classic pair than bacon and eggs? I’ll wait.

Feel free to make it your way.

Everyone likes their eggs differently, and that’s ok!

Most people, including myself, like their eggs runny, which is why I usually put them over-easy or sunny side up.

In both cases, the whites are set but the yolks are still runny.

In the former case, eggs are flipped before removal from the pan, while in the latter the eggs are cooked only on one side.

For eggs that are either over-medium or over-hard, you just need slightly longer cook time on the other side of the egg so that the yolks are semi or completely cooked.

Fried Eggs Ingredients List:

1 tablespoon of butter, or any other fat of your choice.

1 large egg

Sea salt or Kosher salt

Freshly grated black pepper

Fried Eggs Cooking Directions – Pleas Read Carefully:

For Fried Eggs Cooked Sunny-Side up:

1.) Put butter (or oil) in a small non-stick pan at medium heat.

2.) Crack an egg into the pan.

3.) Cover with a lid and cook until set, about 3 minutes.

4.) Take the pan off the heat and top with salt and pepper.

For Fried Eggs Cooked Over-Easy:

1.) Using a medium nonstick pan, melt butter over medium heat.

2.) The egg is cracked into the pan.

3.) You can cook the egg white for three minutes until it sets.

4.) Flip and cook for 1 minute more. Remove from pan and sprinkle with salt and pepper.

For Fried Eggs Cooked Over-Medium:

1.) Using a small pan with a nonstick surface, melt butter (or heat oil).

2.) In a pan, crack an egg.

3.) Cook for 3 minutes or until the whites begin to set

4.) Flip and cook an additional 2 to 3 minutes, until the yolk is just set.

5.) Removing from pan, season with salt and pepper.

For Fried Eggs Cooked Over-Hard:

1.) Warm butter in a small nonstick pan on medium heat (or oil).

2.) Break egg into pan.

3.) Then cook 3 more minutes, or until the whites are set.

4.) Flip and cook for another 4 to 5 minutes, until the yolk is completely set.

5.) Add salt and pepper to taste and remove from pan.

There you have it!

Know you know the best ways when it comes to how to cook a perfect fried egg… now get busy and and add some fried eggs as a delicious addition to any meal!

We are also including this video instructional from youtube for a more visual guide on how to cook a perfect fried egg.

How To Cook A Perfectly Fried Egg

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