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How to Fall Asleep FAST – 17 Tips & Hacks To Fall Asleep Quickly!

How To fall Asleep Fast 17 Tricks And Hacks To Fall Asleep Quickly
How To fall Asleep Fast – 17 Tricks & Hacks To Fall Asleep Quickly

It’s no surprise to anyone reading this that proper sleep is very important to our health… yet more people than ever are experiencing trouble sleeping.

Unfortunately, the subject of sleep is surrounded by misinformation, false facts and anecdotal evidence to this day.

There are many myths and old wives tales surrounding how to fall asleep fast, for instance, everyone has heard the saying that if you can’t sleep in the middle of the night, try relaxing in bed and counting sheep until you doze back into your nightly sleep… when the reality is that frequently waking up in the middle of the night and not being able to fall back asleep is actually a symptom of insomnia.

While counting sheep can be a relaxing exercise for some… there is some research that shows this practice is actually distracting and could be more harmful than helpful, as it prevents the individual from recognizing and addressing a potentially more serious problem such as insomnia.

What is insomnia?

Insomnia is a sleep disorder characterized by difficulties falling asleep, and while it’s one of the characteristics of insomnia, difficulty falling asleep is only one of many signs of insomnia.

Some others include waking up too early and not being able to fall back asleep, frequent awakenings, and waking up feeling poorly rested.

Many people suffer from rounds of insomnia to some degree or at some time in their lives, as stress can have a lot to do with ones sleep patterns.

This article will peel back some of the layers, expose some of the myths and attempt to explain some of the best ways to fall asleep fast.

Perhaps the most common myth surrounding sleep is: More sleep is always better!

But in Fact: It’s recommended that most people stick to the 7-9 hour sleep timeline when it comes to their nightly sleep schedule.

The folks who tend to get more sleep than this shouldn’t necessarily be considered lucky, as oversleeping has also been linked to some major health issues such as diabetes, heart disease and depression.

As you can see it’s not just the QUANTITY of sleep one gets, but the QUALITY.

One of the biggest obstacles that many people face in getting the recommended amount and quality of sleep… is actually falling asleep.

Many people struggle with falling to sleep on a recurring basis, and it can be a really challenging condition to overcome ranging from mild sleep deprivation once in a while… all the way to full blown insomnia.

If you find yourself fighting to get some quality sleep and you want to know how to fall asleep fast then this article is perfect for you, in it we will cover 17 of the best and proven ways to help ANYONE fall asleep fast… and at least one of them is sure to help even the hardest hit insomniacs to get a better nights sleep.

Read on to find out which sleep hacks can help YOU in falling asleep fast and creating a new, more restful sleep routine.

Sleep Hack #1: Create A Sleep Sanctuary

If you’re finding it hard to sleep in your own room, try making it more of a sanctuary for yourself than a typical bedroom.

Simple things that you can do to instantly change the mood is have decorations that put you in a zen state of mind.

For many this can mean having white, serene walls, soft, low lights and comfy and cozy sheets and blankets.

Researchers have shown that colors can affect our moods.

Get this!

Colors can even affect our heart rate, blood pressure and respiration… so for a more tranquil environment check out a color chart for the most relaxing colors with a quick google search.

I also like to add a nice calming candle, preferably one that has lavender and sage giving your room a natural aromatherapy.

Sleep Hack #2: Rotate Your Mattress Often

It’s a known fact that beds over time tend to sink and lose their firmness.

But what if i were to tell you that you could fix your bed in under 2 min by simply…rotating it.

Whenever you sleep on a bed the majority of the pressure and weight applied tends to be on the upper portion. The Leg area is rarely used and so by rotating the bed, it’s good as new.

The website sleep advisor actually recommends that you rotate your bed once every 3 months!

Sleep Hack #3: Create A Pillow Palace

Weighted blankets have been all the craze as of last year because they work as deep touch pressure therapy…but if you don’t have the means to buy one, get that same feeling with this DIY sleep hack.

Create a nest of pillows, surrounding yourself with this can give you the sense of comfort or companionship that you may be missing and allow you to fall asleep more quickly.

This will also allow you to relax your muscles and stay in the proper alignment since your weight is easily distributed.

Sleep Hack #4: Get Warm EVERYWHERE

A simple sleep hack for falling asleep fast is to put socks on your feet AND also your hands.

I know, WEIRD.

The easiest way to explain what’s actually happening behind the gloves and socks thing is that as your hands and feet warm up, the blood vessels in your limbs heat up and become bigger.

This is called “Vasodilation”.

Research actually suggests that the more dilated our extremities are the stronger the signal sent to your brain is saying it’s time to sleep!

Sleep Hack #5: Bore Yourself  To Sleep

This sleep hack is a no effort one.

You can’t fall asleep if your mind is too entertained so instead, try boring yourself.

Yup, you heard that right.

Find and watch the most boring thing you can on TV and you’ll notice you’ll eventually start to drift away.

If you’re worried about your TV staying on all night, a little hack is that most TVs now have a timer setting with predetermined shut off times!

That way you and your power bill will both be getting your Zzzz’s.

Sleep Hack #6: Keep A Sleep Journal

Start keeping a sleep journal to help you figure out how many hours of sleep you actually need.

The recommended amount is getting anywhere from 7-9 hours a sleep a night.

Most people find the sweet spot is about 8 hours, but everyone is different and your ideal could be more or less, so experiment with your sleep schedule and see what works best for you over time.

You can find dozens of FREE sleep logs with a simple google search.

If you’re more tech-y a garmin watch is a great gadget to use as it helps track your sleep, amount of time that you’re in REM sleep and how productive your sleep was… including any bouts of restlessness.

Sleep Hack #7: Properly Prepare For Sleep

Have you ever thrown yourself into bed ready to dozy off into your dreams when all of a sudden you remember… I didn’t brush my teeth, you lay there for a while and eventually have to pull yourself together and get up to finish your night routine.

Avoid this by setting a consistent nightly routine at the same time every night

Also, do your nightly pre-sleep routine at least 1 hour earlier than you think you need to… we often give ourselves too much credit, and not nearly enough time, to commit to simple routines that can drastically impact our habits and health.

Scheduling your nightly routine in this way way allows you to instantly go to sleep if you feel naturally sleepy and quickly go into sleep mode without having to endure your bright bathroom lights.

Sleep Hack #8: Adjust Your Bed Height 

Many modern bed frames nowadays allow you to pick between many different high settings.

Some people simply cannot go to sleep on a tall bed because of the fear they might fall off while others can only sleep on low beds because they prefer the sense of being grounded.

In Japanese culture beds can even be part of the floor, this is known as “Shikibuton”

Sleep Hack #9: Prop Your Legs Up On A Wall For About 10 Minutes

If you find yourself tossing and turning at night after a long day at school or work, try putting your feet up on the wall.

This pose helps restore blood flow, and relieves tired ankles and sore legs.

This will make your body feel more relaxed and ready for sleep.

Sleep Hack #10: Get Into A Calm And Relaxed Mindset

For a better night’s sleep sometimes what you need isn’t so much physical as it is mental.

Getting into the right mindset before sleep can be done by turning off all electronics, at least 30 minutes before your bedtime.

Slowing down by making yourself your favorite tea and talking yourself to sleep by asking yourself quick questions like,

Where am i? My bedroom

What do I feel? My bed-sheets

How am i feeling? Comfortable and cozy.

Basically, take the time before bed to really RELAX

Sleep Hack #11: Listen To Slow, Rhythmic Music Or ASMR

Listening to slow paced music or rhythmic music like a meditation soundtrack can go a long way towards easing your mind… or if you prefer something less rhythmic, you can always try some ASMR videos.

You can find thousands of these kinds of videos to help you fall asleep fast with a simple YouTube search, there are so many to choose from that you are bound to find something to help you fall asleep tonight.

Sleep Hack #12: Wear Blue Light Blocking Glasses

All electronics emit blue light which most studies actually suggest reduces the production of melatonin and leads to reducing the quality of sleep when an over exposure to this blue light occurs regularly.

Especially when exposure takes place after the sun goes down in the evening.

Because our bodies and our minds have not evolved to process blue light for the unnaturally long periods of times that modern electronics subject us to after sunset.

Most prescription eyeglasses now contain special filaments that can block out all blue light from passing through the lens.

But what if you don’t wear glasses?

That’s ok, no prescription is necessary when it comes to blue ligh blocker glasses and there are dozens of quality blue light blocking glasses brands online, a simple google search will give you plenty of options to choose from.

Sleep Hack #13 – Use The Four Fold Breathing Technique

Breathing is fundamental to everything you do and it is especially important when it comes to regulating your nervous system and your ability to relax.

Fortunately, you can learn how to control your breathing bit by bit, and thus learn to trigger a relaxation response throughout your body which can help you to fall asleep much more quickly and easily.

So this breathing technique is called the four fold breathing technique, and it’s really simple.

Sometimes it’s a little bit hard to do if you haven’t really trained your lungs yet, but it’s as simple as 4 seconds breathing in, then 4 seconds holding it, then breathing out for 4 seconds, then holding for 4 seconds… then you start all over again.

That’s it.

Although it’s easy to explain, we will include some pointers to get you started on your breath-work journey.

So when you’re breathing in, you’re just going to breathe in gently and normally through your nose then you’re gonna hold that for 4 seconds and then when you breathe out, you’re gonna purse your lips and kind of make like a whooshing sound as you’re breathing out.

So it’s a pretty forceful breath for that 4 seconds. and sometimes you might not make it all the way to the 4 seconds, but the more practice, the more you’ll eventually be able to get there.

With breath-work it is important to never force anything, take your time and breathe naturally immediately if it becomes uncomfortable beyond any minor and natural tension.

But if make sure you’re safe doing it, and you’re comfortable doing it, then eventually it should really help you fall asleep better and faster than ever before.

Sleep Hack #14 – Cut Out ALL Caffeine By Noon

This is one of the most effective, fastest acting and easy to do sleep hacks to help you fall asleep fast.

Although many of us gravitate towards and rely on caffeinated drinks, it’s very important not to consume too much caffeine each day.

Additionally, when you consume can be just as important as how much you consume.

Cutting out caffeine by the early afternoon is one of the biggest steps that you can take towards getting a satisfying and restful nights sleep.

One study actually found that having any type of caffeine six hours prior to your bedtime will reduce your total hours of quality sleep by up to one hour.

Because caffeine is a stimulant, It’s recommended to stop consuming anything caffeinated at least four hours prior to your bedtime.

If you still want a warm beverage at night it’s best to go with a non caffeinated tea, chamomile tea in particular can be amazing for aiding in relaxation and sleep.

Sleep Hack #15 – Hydrate A Couple Of Hours Before Bedtime

Another fast and easy fix to fall asleep easily and get some seriously quality sleep.

Do not let the simplicity of this tip fool you… hydration is hugely important for every single facet of your health, and is one of the biggest contributing factor to a whole host of health complications, including poor or low quality sleep.

The human body is 50 to 75 percent water and when you sleep for 6-10 hours each night you will be dehydrating your body… so it’s essential to get into the habit of drinking several large glasses of water about 1.5-2 hours before you go to sleep.

By drinking water a couple of hours in advance of your bedtime, you will end up going to the bathroom before you have to fall asleep, so that you’re not waking up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, and interrupting your sleep.

Doing this will also prevent your body from becoming dangerously dehydrated while you sleep, improving the quality of your rest and recovery at night.

Sleep Hack #16 –  Avoid Eating After Dinner Or Before Bedtime

Avoid the kitchen after dinner, avoid eating, snacks and munchies in late hours of the evening or just before your bedtime

The reason being is before bedtime you should typically avoid any type of carbohydrate rich foods, sugars or anything that will interrupt your sleep with digestion processes like pizza or tough sugars like donuts that may give you a little sugar rush of energy and then a quick crash and feeling of fatigue, as opposed to the natural and healthy feeling of being tired and ready for sleep.

Digestion is one of the most demanding processes that your metabolism goes through, if you’re eating after dinner then you are still digesting food when you are trying to relax your body and go to sleep.

These biological processes are competing for your bodies resources and since you have to finish digesting and excreting the food you eat… your sleep pays the price.

Creating and sticking to a strict kitchen curfew can help you stay accountable.

However, if you just HAVE to eat something… stick to foods like chicken or poultry.


Poultry has high levels of tryptophan – an amino acid that helps your body make serotonin, which happens to be a very powerful and relaxing mood hormone.

Serotonin then helps your body make melatonin – a hormone that regulates sleep cycles in humans.

By choosing foods that help your body sleep instead of fighting it, you can improve your chances of falling asleep and staying that way all night.

Many types of fish and leafy green vegetables can be ideal as sleep supporting late night treats as well.

As always a quick and easy google search will reveal whole heaps of information on the best foods to help you sleep.

Sleep Hack #17 – Wear Loose, Comfortable Clothing

Another simple and fast, but still very effective,  tip to help you get some great sleep tonight.

When you are getting ready for bet make sure to set the tone by removing any tight or constricting clothes, artificial scents and perfumes and any makeup or chemicals.

Wear clean, fresh clothes and avoid any strong smells or artificial cleansers or dyes.

By wearing clean, loose and comfortable clothing you are giving your body increased circulation, relaxation, oxygenation and relaxation.

All of these will contribute to you falling asleep more quickly and easily and getting a better quality of sleep throughout the night.

Not bad for a comfy pair of pants.

Now You Know How To Fall Asleep Fast

Thanks for checking out our article on the 17 Tricks & Hacks To Fall Asleep Quickly!

One of the tips above is sure to help you change your sleep quality for the better… so pick one or some or all of the methods above and put them into use as soon as you can.

Good luck… now go to bed!

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