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How to Vegetable Garden– IN POTS!

You know, even if you don’t have enough room to put in contemporary garden or a standard raised bed in your yard. Most people do have the space to do a potted garden. Here’S where I put a lot of salad, vegetables and a lot of things that we eat and on a day to day basis I mean. There’S I’ve got the mints down here. We use that in sauce all the time I’ve got some beads up in through here.

We’Ve got lots of flowers. This is a chocolate, mint, really really different, very very interesting. You know in even in small pot chain. You can grow spinach. You can eat the spinach as soon as it starts coming up.

You just take a leaf off of every other plant. I put in lettuce in different spots and beets and even strawberries, and some of the pots do really well so you’ve got a deep pot. You know fill it full of carrot seeds. It’S amazing how many carrots you can get out of just a small pot like this last year I was pulling you know. 10 12 inch carrots up some of these deep pots.

I built this one specifically for carrots. Actually, some of them are going to seed right now. This is an interesting little box. They call that an earth box and I threw in a bunch of different types of plants in there, just to see what happens and it’s growing kind of out of control. It’S doing quite well actually, but you know it doesn’t really matter if you over plant some of these pots because you can thin them as you go lettuce, you always eat lettuce.

I over planted it for sure i over planted it, but at any given point in time i can go ahead and i can pick out some of the leaves and it grows back almost as fast as you pick it and on a daily basis. You can go through your garden, even when it’s really small and pick enough of the baby lettuce, to make a salad for two and and it’s almost going to replace itself every single day. I’M trying some other stuff down low here, actually trying some snow peas at the wrong time of year. I don’t expect them to take, but I thought it would be kind of fun. Now they get much much larger when you plant them in the garden than the space that I have here, but I want to see what’s happening and we’ve got radishes did you know that radish leaves the leaves on radishes when they’re young or as good as any Lettuce, I found them absolutely fascinating too, to try different leaves from lettuce.

The beets weren’t too bad your more spinach in here, and you can always pop in onions just about everywhere. They don’t take up much real estate stuff. Give it a try if you don’t have room for a conventional garden, put it up on your deck.

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