United States and Singapore Forge Strategic Partnership to Drive Technological Innovation

United States and Singapore Forge Strategic Partnership to Drive Technological Innovation

Inaugural U.S.-Singapore Critical and Emerging Technology (CET) Dialogue sets the stage for enhanced collaboration in key areas of technology

The United States and Singapore have recognized the transformative power of technology and its potential to drive inclusive economic growth. Building on the commitments made during the meeting between President Joseph R. Biden, Jr. and Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong in March 2022, the two nations have embarked on a bold new partnership to foster open, accessible, and secure technology ecosystems. This collaboration aims to leverage technology to address global challenges, including the climate crisis, and strengthen the rules-based international order. The inaugural U.S.-Singapore CET Dialogue, held in Washington, D.C., marks the first step in this journey of innovation and cooperation.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The United States and Singapore recognize the importance of responsible AI innovation and the need for international cooperation in AI security, safety, trust, and standards development. Both countries intend to launch a bilateral AI Governance Group to advance shared principles and deepen information exchanges. This group will complement the United States’ Voluntary AI Commitments and potential multilateral AI Code of Conduct. Additionally, research collaboration between the U.S. National Science Foundation and AI Singapore will focus on AI safety, security, and workforce development efforts.

Digital Economy and Data Governance

The United States and Singapore aim to harness technology to promote inclusive and sustainable economic growth. They plan to develop a bilateral Roadmap for Digital Economic Cooperation, focusing on priority issues such as data governance, digital standards, digital inclusion, and consumer protection. The two countries also share an interest in facilitating trusted data flows with effective privacy protections. Collaboration under the Partnership for Growth and Innovation and the expansion of the Global Cross-Border Privacy Rules Forum will further promote these goals. Strengthening bilateral collaboration on digital payments and participating in relevant regional and international fora will advance shared digital economy objectives.


The United States and Singapore recognize the importance of safe and secure biotechnologies and their ethical use. They intend to convene science agencies and drive research and development priorities in areas such as synthetic biology, cell and gene therapeutics, and genetic delivery systems. Collaboration between universities, research institutions, private sectors, and governance agencies will facilitate talent exchanges and best practice sharing around commercialization, scaling, and R&D translation efforts.

Critical Infrastructure and Technology Supply Chains

Both countries commit to promoting secure and resilient information and communications technology infrastructure, including telecommunications networks, undersea cables, and cloud computing. Collaboration on smart cities, with a focus on climate resilience, will be upgraded, and knowledge-sharing on technology-driven urban solutions will strengthen livability, sustainability, and resilience. The establishment of a Smart Cities Program on AI will deliver capacity-building to ASEAN and Pacific Islands Forum members. Additionally, cooperation on semiconductor supply chain resilience and information exchange on domestic strategies will enhance critical infrastructure and technology supply chains.

Defense Innovation

The U.S. Department of Defense and the Singapore Ministry of Defence aim to expand collaboration on critical emerging technologies and defense innovation. This partnership will accelerate the use of commercial and dual-use technologies to solve operational challenges for both militaries. By integrating defense innovation ecosystems, the two countries will contribute to stability in the Indo-Pacific region and beyond.

Quantum Information Science and Technology

The United States and Singapore will support each other’s investments in national quantum information sciences initiatives and engage in government, academic, and private sector exchanges. These exchanges will lay the groundwork for deeper collaboration in quantum information science and technology. Information-sharing on Post Quantum Cryptography migration and coordination on standards and pre-standardization work will further strengthen cooperation in this crucial area.

The United States and Singapore’s strategic partnership in technology marks a significant milestone in their commitment to innovation and cooperation. By working together in areas such as AI, digital economy, biotechnology, critical infrastructure, defense innovation, and quantum information science, the two nations aim to drive inclusive economic growth, address global challenges, and strengthen their shared security and prosperity. This partnership will not only benefit the U.S. and Singapore but also contribute to the advancement of the Indo-Pacific region and beyond. As the collaboration progresses, both countries will continue to prioritize excellence, respect for international law, and peaceful resolution of disputes, ensuring that emerging technologies work for the greater good.