Gannett Hires Dedicated Taylor Swift Reporter to Cover the Impact of Her Music and Influence on Society

Bryan West, an avowed Swiftie, lands the coveted job of being a full-time Taylor Swift reporter for Gannett, the nation’s largest newspaper chain.

In a surprising move, Gannett, the largest newspaper chain in the United States, recently hired Bryan West, a dedicated Taylor Swift fan, as a full-time reporter solely focused on covering the pop superstar. West, a 35-year-old journalist with a background in newsrooms across the nation, sees his new gig as no different from any other reporting beat. While some may question the journalistic sense of having a dedicated Swift scribe, West believes his role goes beyond discussing Easter eggs and delves into the impact that Swift has on society, business, and music.

A Fan with Journalistic Background

West, who recently relocated from Arizona to Nashville for the job, compares his position to that of a sports journalist who supports their home team. He emphasizes that his passion for Taylor Swift does not overshadow his journalistic background, which includes studying at Northwestern University, winning awards, and working in various newsrooms. West believes that his deep knowledge of Swift’s career and his ability to shoot videos during interviews will help him attract young readers to Gannett’s titles, which have faced staff reductions over the past two decades.

The Hiring Process and Expectations

The job posting for a Taylor Swift reporter initially seemed like a stunt, but Gannett’s news director, Michael Anastasi, expressed satisfaction with the caliber of respondents. While there were veteran hard-news reporters and established White House correspondents among the applicants, West stood out due to his balance of journalistic experience and understanding of Taylor’s world. The role is not a traditional print-focused position; instead, it involves video production, social media engagement, interaction with Swifties, and coverage of events like shows, red carpets, and award ceremonies.

West’s Enthusiasm and First Week on the Job

West wasted no time immersing himself in his new role. During his first week, he attended CMA-related events, showcasing his commitment to covering Taylor Swift’s presence in the music industry. His enthusiasm for the job is evident, as he already met Swift backstage during her 2018 Reputation tour. West’s dedication is further demonstrated by his submission of a two-page PDF featuring serious story ideas, along with addressing his objectivity by mentioning three Swift tracks he dislikes.

The Impact of Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift’s influence cannot be understated. As the leading finalist with nominations in 20 categories at the 2023 Billboard Music Awards, she continues to dominate the music industry. Her re-released album, “1989 (Taylor’s Version),” debuted at the top of Billboard’s Top Album Sales chart. Swift’s impact extends beyond music, as she has a significant presence in society and business. Bryan West’s role as a dedicated Taylor Swift reporter aims to explore and analyze these multifaceted aspects of her career.

Conclusion: Gannett’s decision to hire a full-time Taylor Swift reporter reflects the immense influence and cultural significance of the pop superstar. Bryan West’s appointment demonstrates the newspaper chain’s commitment to engaging younger readers and providing comprehensive coverage of Swift’s impact on society, business, and music. As West embarks on his new role, his blend of journalistic expertise and passion for Taylor Swift’s artistry promises to deliver insightful reporting that caters to both die-hard Swifties and curious observers alike.