Longtime Meteorologist Jon Loufman Retires, Leaving a Lasting Legacy in Cleveland

After 35 years on Cleveland television, beloved meteorologist Jon Loufman bids farewell to the First Alert Weather Center and enters retirement.

For decades, Jon Loufman has been a familiar face on Cleveland television, delivering weather forecasts with precision and charm. As he officially enters retirement, his departure marks the end of an era in local broadcasting. Loufman’s dedication to his craft, his involvement in the community, and his passion for teaching have made him a beloved figure in Northeast Ohio. This article pays tribute to his remarkable career and the impact he has had on countless viewers and aspiring meteorologists.


A Storied Career and Induction into the Ohio Broadcaster Hall of Fame

Jon Loufman’s journey in Cleveland television has spanned an impressive 35 years. Throughout his tenure, he has become a trusted source of weather information for viewers across the region. Loufman’s expertise, combined with his warm and approachable demeanor, made him a household name in Northeast Ohio.

In recognition of his contributions to the field, Loufman was inducted into the Ohio Broadcaster Hall of Fame in 2002. This prestigious honor solidified his status as one of the most respected meteorologists in the state. His induction served as a testament to his dedication and the impact he had on the industry.

Beyond the Weather: A Passion for Teaching and Community Involvement

Loufman’s impact extended far beyond the television screen. In addition to his broadcasting career, he had a passion for teaching and community engagement. His commitment to education led him to develop the “Atmosphere Adventures” program, which he presented to hundreds of local schools. Through interactive and engaging lessons, Loufman inspired young minds to explore the wonders of meteorology and the natural world.

Moreover, Loufman shared his expertise as an instructor at Case Western Reserve University and Lakeland Community College. By imparting his knowledge and experience to aspiring meteorologists, he played a vital role in shaping the future of the field.

Fond Farewell and Well-Wishes from Colleagues

As Jon Loufman bids farewell to the First Alert Weather Center, his colleagues and friends in the news industry expressed their gratitude and well-wishes. During a weather forecast, Jeff Tanchak surprised Loufman with an early retirement celebration. The entire First Alert Weather team joined in, surrounding Loufman to share their heartfelt messages of appreciation and admiration.

Loufman’s impact on his colleagues extended beyond his meteorological expertise. His warmth, kindness, and professionalism made him not only an exceptional meteorologist but also a cherished friend and mentor. The 19 News team, along with viewers across Northeast Ohio, will undoubtedly miss his presence on the airwaves.


As Jon Loufman embarks on a well-deserved retirement, his legacy in Cleveland television and the meteorology community will endure. His dedication to accurate forecasting, his passion for teaching, and his involvement in the local community have left an indelible mark on Northeast Ohio. Loufman’s impact reaches far beyond the weather, as he has inspired countless individuals to pursue their own atmospheric adventures. As viewers bid farewell to a trusted face on their screens, they can rest assured knowing that Jon Loufman’s contributions to the field will be remembered for years to come.