Escanaba Residents Embrace Pop Culture at Bay College Fundraiser

Escanaba Residents Embrace Pop Culture at Bay College Fundraiser

Local Event Showcases Vendors and Collectibles, Raises Funds for BAY-CON Convention

ESCANABA, Mich. – Escanaba residents flocked to Bay College on Saturday to immerse themselves in a world of pop culture at the highly anticipated Pop Culture Show. With 80 vendors offering a diverse range of vinyl records, comics, retro games, and toys, the event served as a fundraiser for the upcoming BAY-CON convention. As attendees explored the various booths, they had the opportunity to add to their collections or find unique gifts for the approaching holiday season.


A Celebration of Nostalgia and Collectibles

The Pop Culture Show provided a haven for enthusiasts and collectors alike, as they indulged in their passion for all things pop culture. From vintage vinyl records that evoke memories of a bygone era to rare comics that transport readers to fantastical worlds, the event offered a treasure trove of nostalgia. Retro games and toys also captivated attendees, sparking memories of childhood and providing an opportunity to relive cherished moments.

Supporting BAY-CON Convention

Beyond the thrill of discovering rare and coveted items, the Pop Culture Show served a greater purpose – raising funds for the annual BAY-CON convention. As the primary fundraising event for the convention, the show aimed to generate revenue through vendor fees and public donations. BAY-CON, scheduled for April 20, 2024, promises to be an immersive experience for pop culture enthusiasts, featuring celebrity guests, panel discussions, cosplay contests, and much more.

A Community of Collectors and Fans

The Pop Culture Show not only provided a platform for vendors to showcase their wares but also fostered a sense of community among attendees. Collectors and fans of various pop culture genres came together, engaging in conversations about their shared interests and exchanging tips and recommendations. The event served as a meeting ground for like-minded individuals who often find solace in their passion for pop culture.

A Boost for Local Businesses

The Pop Culture Show also had a positive impact on the local economy, as vendors from the Escanaba area and beyond showcased their merchandise. Small businesses specializing in collectibles and pop culture memorabilia had the opportunity to reach a wider audience, further establishing their presence within the community. The event not only supported the BAY-CON convention but also contributed to the growth and sustainability of local enterprises.

A Gateway to Nostalgia and New Discoveries

For many attendees, the Pop Culture Show was not just a shopping experience but a journey through time. The event provided a gateway to rediscover beloved childhood memories and explore new avenues of pop culture appreciation. Whether it was stumbling upon a long-lost vinyl record or uncovering a hidden gem in the world of comics, the show offered a chance for attendees to connect with their past and embrace new interests.


The Pop Culture Show at Bay College in Escanaba was a resounding success, bringing together collectors, fans, and vendors in a celebration of all things pop culture. Not only did the event provide an opportunity to add to personal collections or find unique gifts, but it also served as a fundraiser for the highly anticipated BAY-CON convention. As Escanaba residents continue to embrace their love for pop culture, events like these not only enrich the community but also provide a platform for local businesses to thrive. The Pop Culture Show was a testament to the enduring power of nostalgia and the joy of discovering new treasures in the ever-evolving world of pop culture.