Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell Fake a Romance in the “Anyone But You” Trailer

A Classic Rom-Com Trope Gets a Fresh Twist with Sweeney and Powell’s Chemistry

The age-old trope of fake dating takes center stage in the upcoming film “Anyone But You,” starring Sydney Sweeney of “Euphoria” fame and Glen Powell from “Top Gun: Maverick.” This modern adaptation of Shakespeare’s “Much Ado About Nothing” promises to inject new life into a familiar storyline. As two former college enemies, Sweeney and Powell’s characters find themselves pretending to be in love at a destination wedding attended by their respective exes. With their undeniable talent and on-screen chemistry, this rom-com has the potential to captivate audiences.

A Fresh Take on a Beloved Plot Device

In the realm of romantic comedies, the fake dating trope has been a tried-and-true formula for captivating audiences for decades. From “10 Things Hate About You” to “The Proposal,” this storyline has been a staple in the genre. However, “Anyone But You” aims to infuse this familiar premise with a contemporary twist. By casting Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell, two rising stars known for their versatility and charisma, the film promises to deliver a fresh take on the age-old formula.

Characters You Love to Hate

Sweeney and Powell have both expressed excitement about their roles in “Anyone But You,” which allow them to embody characters with a touch of villainy. At CinemaCon, Sweeney shared her enthusiasm, stating, “What better place to put a nightmare and an a**hole than on the other side of the world in the most romantic setting imaginable?” This intriguing dynamic sets the stage for a captivating story as audiences witness the transformation of two seemingly unlikable characters.

The Unveiling of the Trailer

After much anticipation, the first trailer for “Anyone But You” has finally been released, offering a glimpse into the world of these unconventional lovebirds. The trailer showcases Sweeney and Powell’s undeniable chemistry, as they navigate the complexities of their fake relationship. From humorous mishaps to heartfelt moments, the trailer hints at a rollercoaster of emotions that audiences can expect from the film.

A Promising Duo

Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell’s casting in “Anyone But You” is a testament to their rising star power in Hollywood. Sweeney, known for her breakout role in the hit series “Euphoria,” has proven her ability to portray complex and compelling characters. Powell, on the other hand, gained recognition for his role in “Top Gun: Maverick” and has quickly become a sought-after leading man. The pairing of these two talented actors is undoubtedly one of the film’s greatest strengths.

A Modern Twist on a Timeless Story

While “Anyone But You” draws inspiration from Shakespeare’s “Much Ado About Nothing,” the film promises to bring a modern sensibility to the classic tale. Set against the backdrop of a destination wedding, the story unfolds in a picturesque and romantic setting. As Sweeney and Powell’s characters navigate their fake relationship, they confront their own flaws, ultimately leading to personal growth and unexpected revelations.

“Anyone But You” breathes new life into the beloved fake dating trope with the help of Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell’s undeniable chemistry. As the first trailer unveils glimpses of their captivating performances, audiences are left eagerly anticipating the film’s release. With its modern twist on a timeless story and the promise of complex characters, “Anyone But You” has the potential to become a memorable addition to the romantic comedy genre.