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Window Box Gardening Tips And Techniques – How To Grow Vegetables Indoor At Home

If you want to grow your own food, sometimes you have to get a little creative on how to do that through the winter months. But if you have window boxes they’re a great planner to put things in in your home windows through the winter, you can use almost any container that you have as long as it has good drainage. All we need to really do is to once you’ve got the potting soil in in your containers is to just spread the seeds throughout your soil. Planting things in the house basically is just the same as growing things outdoors.

You have to have the right temperature. You have to have water available for the plants or the seeds to germinate and the plants to grow, and then you have to have plenty of sunlight for those plants to keep growing once they’ve germinated, so someplace in a nice sunny, usually south or west window, is A great place to put your plants, so indoor gardening is a great way to enjoy some vegetables that you’ve grown yourself and also to enjoy your gardening habit through the winter months. If you have kids in the family, you can include kids in this, and then they will understand how the plants have grown and probably be more interested in eating. Maybe some unusual vegetables that the family hasn’t tried before it also improves those winter blues that we have to deal with here in Wyoming. This has been Donna Quinn for the University of Wyoming extension you’re, watching from the ground up just a few weeks ago, we planted these veggies in these window boxes so that we can have some winter gardening experience.

And now we have a nice mix of a variety of different lettuces and some other leafy vegetables to choose from, and now we have the opportunity to put together a salad for some of those flavors that we haven’t tried before when you’re harvesting, you probably want to Harvest some of the youngest leafy parts of the plant, but if you are braver or really like a stronger flavor in your salad, you could go ahead and harvest some of the older leaves as well, and that will give you a much stronger flavor in your salads. You can enjoy quite a variety of different flavors in salads, much different than what we experienced from the grocery store with just iceberg lettuce. So once you have your vegetables picked, you can put them in a colander and take them on into the kitchen to wash them up.

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