Dorothy Hoffner, 104-Year-Old Chicagoan, Passes Away After Attempting World Record Skydive

Dorothy Hoffner, a 104-year-old Chicago resident, died after her recent attempt to set the world record as the oldest person to parachute from a plane. Her skydiving experience served as a thrilling culmination of her remarkable life.

Dorothy Hoffner, a vibrant and adventurous 104-year-old Chicagoan, passed away on Monday after her daring attempt to set the world record as the oldest person to parachute from a plane. Hoffner’s remarkable feat, which took place on October 1, served as the crowning achievement of her exciting and well-lived life. With her infectious spirit and determination, she defied age stereotypes and proved that age is truly just a number.

A Life of Adventure and Resilience

Dorothy Hoffner’s life was marked by a thirst for adventure and a resilient spirit. Throughout her century-long journey, she embraced new experiences and challenged herself to push boundaries. Skydiving was not her first brush with adrenaline; at the age of 100, she made her first jump, albeit with a gentle nudge out of the aircraft. This recent skydive, however, showcased her unwavering determination as she insisted on leading the jump from 13,500 feet while tethered to a certified instructor from the U.S. Parachute Association.

A Delightful Descent

Hoffner’s exhilarating skydive lasted approximately seven minutes, including the slow descent under the parachute. As she floated gracefully to the ground, the wind playfully tousled her white hair. Clinging to the harness over her narrow shoulders, she expertly maneuvered her legs and landed softly on the grassy landing area. Friends and well-wishers rushed to congratulate her, and her walker was brought over to assist her.

A Celebration of Life

Reflecting on her incredible achievement, Hoffner expressed her joy and satisfaction. “The whole thing was delightful, wonderful, couldn’t have been better,” she exclaimed. With her 105th birthday just around the corner in December, Hoffner had already set her sights on her next adventure—a hot air balloon ride. Her indomitable spirit and zest for life serve as an inspiration to people of all ages, reminding us to embrace every opportunity and live life to the fullest.

A World Record Attempt

Hoffner’s skydiving endeavor was not only a personal triumph but also an attempt to secure a world record. Guinness World Records Limited expressed their interest in reviewing the evidence from her jump to determine if she had indeed become the oldest person to parachute from a plane. The current record for the oldest tandem parachute jump by a female was set in May 2022 by 103-year-old Linnéa Ingegärd Larsson from Sweden. Hoffner’s courageous feat has further highlighted the incredible capabilities of older individuals and their ability to defy expectations.

Dorothy Hoffner, the 104-year-old Chicagoan who recently attempted to set the world record as the oldest person to parachute from a plane, has sadly passed away. Her skydiving adventure was a testament to her adventurous spirit and determination to live life to the fullest. Despite her age, Hoffner defied stereotypes and inspired people around the world. Her legacy will continue to remind us that age should never limit our aspirations and that every moment is an opportunity for adventure.