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3 Simple Breathing Exercises To Increase Energy, Reduce Fatigue, And Improve Health

How often throughout your day do you think about your breathing?

Turns out, if you’re like most people, not much.

Breathing is something that we don’t often give much thought to.

But it turns out that breathing well can be a huge game-changer for how energized and alert we feel throughout the day, as well as how calm and focused our mind feels.

If you’re feeling tired or unfocused lately, try doing one of these 3 simple breathing exercises after your morning coffee instead of grabbing another cup!

But first…

What Are The Benefits Of Better Breathing On Our Health?

There are many benefits to your health with better breathing. You’ll look younger, live longer, and be more attractive when you’re able to breathe well, because not only will you be more alert, but your skin will look better too.

Good breathing also improves the quality of your sleep and reduces the risk of getting insomnia.

Some additional positive and key health benefits of better breathing include a strengthened immune system, increased oxygen flow to the brain and organs, reduced risk of stroke and heart disease, and can even reduce the risk of lung cancer.

Not to mention that not only is deep breathing good for your lungs, it also helps relieve stress and anxiety.

This helps with lung capacity, heart rate control, and blood pressure.

As you can see one of the best and simplest ways to improve your health is through better breathing.

No matter who you are, you can benefit from the simple and effective practice of breath control.

It only takes a few minutes a day of focusing on your breathing with any one of the following simple breath control techniques in this article.

So if you’re interested in having the benefits that come with better breathing now, then read on to learn 3 simple breathing exercises to increase energy and reduce fatigue.

The 3 Easy Breathing Exercises To Increase Energy And Reduce Fatigue

Breathing Exercise #1:

Tighten your stomach muscles, inhale deeply for a count of five, and exhale loudly over ten seconds.

You should feel the breath fill up your lungs all the way to their bottom before you breathe out.

Repeat this exercise as often as needed throughout the day in order to maximize its energy-inducing effects!

When you are feeling fatigued this helps you to activate your diaphragm and take in more oxygen.

By activating your diaphragm in this manner you can improve overall circulation throughout your entire body as well.

Breathing Exercise #2

Inhale for a count of five, then bend over and touch your toes while holding your breath in as long as you can before exhaling.

Repeat this exercise ten times to maximize its energy-inducing effects!

This exercise is very effective because it improves your posture (which is important for energy production) and also activates the diaphragm to take in more oxygen.

You’re also gently forcing blood away from your head which reduces stress on the brain, making you feel refreshed and alert!

This exercise can be done while sitting at a desk as well if you need a quick energy boost.

Breathing Exercise #3

Our third breathing exercise is as follows:

Sit or lie down and relax your body.

Place the fingers of both hands on your stomach, just below your ribs, and breathe in deeply but slowly to a count of five

Then exhale very slowly for another five counts while squeezing the abdomen muscles tight so you can feel them tighten.

Repeat this exercise ten times or longer if desired!

This exercise is great because it allows you to relax more completely and fully concentrate on your breathing, a great combination that makes for a powerful natural stress reliever!

That Concludes our list of 3 breathing exercises for improved health!

Thanks for checking out our article on 3 simple breathing exercises to increase energy, reduce fatigue, and improve health.

As you can see, we’ve barely scratched the surface of how breathing impacts our mental and physical health every single day.

And yet it’s a subject that many people never even think about until they develop an anxiety disorder or start to feel really tired at work.

If this is your experience too, try doing one of these 3 simple breathing exercises in the morning before starting your day.

You may find yourself feeling more energized, focused, and relaxed throughout the rest of your day!

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