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How To Grow Microgreens Indoors – Step By Step Instructions

How To Grow Microgreens Indoors growing 3 superfoods for my micro greens and this it you can easily find it in the supermarket or in your kitchen. So we have chia seeds in one body and I have some extra stage from broad police. So I’m also gon na. Be growing this one. Second, we will need a container, so you can use the pot a Tupperware or you’re gon na take out container.

The third thing that we need is our medium. So for our medium we can either use soil, so I’m actually using a normal potting mix here. Just make sure that your potting mix is fine and doesn’t have so many solid bake materials like wood or rocks. So the baby plan can easily go through and if you don’t have soil, not to worry, you can also grow them with paper towels. So we’re gon na go some of our seeds here.

So I can show you how it goes. Next, we will need water and a spray bottle. Ok, so let’s get to the process so in order to improve germination rate, we’re gon na have to soak our seats. So, let’s at the water, okay. So now I’m gon na mix just to make sure that the water is covering the seeds and they’re not floating.

On top after we sold car seats for the appropriate time, we want to rinse them soon and then put them on the soil evenly or on the paper towel, so I’m gon na start on the soil. What I like to do is to spray this little press. Just to give it a little bit of moisture, so we’re gon na do that now and then we’re gon na put our seats. So we’re going to start with our chair seats right here. As you can see it’s a little bit of a paste.

This is because it here it’s really tough sort of the water which is okay, and this is gon na help us also spray comes through. So let’s get to it: okay, anonymous rate a little bit of water, so an extra layer of solo. Where is the in extra layer soil to protect the sea and spreaded water? So for the paper towel again, you can use any containers, you can use either a Tupperware or you can use, for example, this containers here this is for chocolate. I’M gon na be using this container for some of my seeds and then I’m also gon na be using this tray here.

First take two to three paper: towels and pull them to the side style. You need them to be and place them in your container spray. Your paper towel, so you can make it more humid for the seeds and, let’s add our seeds the same way so try to add them very in spray water twice a day to keep the towel humid. As I said before, many seeds perpetually known a very sunny spot to Germany to just place in a spot that doesn’t get so much. They read.

Something once is thirty needs. This leaves may be yellow because they’re not getting so much sunlight. Then you can add some filtered sunlight and they will become green okay. So, let’s see how they go. Okay, you guys.

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